Thursday, August 3, 2017

Where have all the Gay Bars gone?

[A Call To Arms from the gayest place on Earth]

Gay Bars are closing down all over the rich, white, so-called 'First World'. Here's why...

1. Next Generation Queers don't need them:
They find sex online and just out and about in ordinary daily life. They already feel safe enough to be themselves in public, especially in urban centers. Their social life doesn't revolve around a handful of trusted people and places. They eschew ghettoization and limitations of any sort.

2. First Generation Queers needed them so badly we allowed ourselves to be racketeered by the owners:

We were so certain - due to bitter personal experience - that we needed gay bars to find sex, safety and eachother. We were so grateful to whoever opened them that we didn't dare contemplate if business was the main motivation or not, or whether the gay 'community' was actually a myth created by opportunistic parasites in search of profit or profile.

3. Future Generation Queers will howl with laughter that we Old School gays ever allowed ourselves to be corralled for profit into designated spaces, paid over the odds for a drink [and whatever else the owner profited from being sold on the premises], and permitted others to dictate and micro-manage our personal behaviour and the whole political agenda for Liberation and Equality...

4. People eventually just walk away from shitty scenarios ONCE THEY BEGIN TO SMELL THE SHIT and see through the parasitic narcissism of the gay scene's wannabe movers and shakers...

Take what 'drag' has become in the current era. At first it was an act of defiance and fun, nothing to do with gender or impersonation. But now, drag as 'forced entertainment' is apparently a mandetory part of what we have to put up with if we want to go to a gay bar of an evening. We are still considered a captive audience! Many people perhaps nolonger want to be subjected to the spectacle of some geezer in a dress looking for attention. It's almost like every bar nowadays - if not actually owned by a third-rate power-bottom drag queen - has ITS very own drag queen in residence. Whatever we may once have thought about drag shows, i can't imagine them holding the attention of Next Generation Queers for very long.

5. Just as the age of drag and narcissistic parasites owning gay bars has drawn to a close, GAY itself is nolonger a thing.

It used to be a thing. For a while it was THE thing. But homosexual/bisexual kids nowadays don't even seem to think of themselves as gay. And fair play to them! They are reaping what we older folk have sown: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in the broadest sense possible. They may consider themselves 'Queer', if they have any sense and are politically radical. But 'Gay'? Probably not so much these days. To be Bi or Non-specific sexually is undoubtedly the future, or so it seems at least.

I currently live in a place with probably the world's highest percentage of resident gay men and a huge number of gay bars. Young people can consent to sex at 16 and drink in a bar at 18... Yet there are ZERO young gay guys in these bars. Especially not local teenagers or twenty-somethings [not that i am looking for them, i have zero interest in them, but where are they??] ... A very strong sign of the times indeed.

BUT... FINALLY, there is a huge downside to the disappearance of gay bars and that whole crazy scene. Most Next Generation Queers are so mainstream and uncritical they are in danger of becoming completely homogenized, Ikea-ized, bourgeoisified and plain-old-boring.
What the world needs now is not good citizens, captains of industry and pillars of the State.


But where will they be born and nurtured?
In Trumps's celebrity-big-brother-white-house USA? Or May's post-Brexit, neo-fascist-we've-got-talent Britain? In my own Land-of-Ire and Amnesia-via-Anaesthesia? I certainly don't think so! Nor in my new abode filled with Catalonian Catatonia, Hispanic Histeria or even our beloved Siam-of-the-killer-smiles?

Where will the new radicals emerge, if not the dingy bars of 80s metropolitan backstreets or the shamefully exhilarating laneways of working-class suburbia.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

A New Poem, from my FaceBook page.


Sits contemplating
The ancient bottle
Upon which he finds himself.
The earthen vessel
Containing the elixir of all.
Created long before
The holy book's first words.
Handmade over 2000 years
Before Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
It dawned on him:
Understanding is not knowledge.
"I wouldn't give a snap
Of my two fingers
For all their learning."

Saturday, August 13, 2016

TOGETHER [Classical Guitar]

I canNOT believe it is 20 years since i composed and performed this classical guitar piece!!
Dublin. 1996.
Time is flying by...

Maybe i should do both again, LoL

Friday, August 5, 2016


VAJRA GURU MANTRA MP3 [Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche]

7 LINE PRAYER MP3 [Rigpa Sangha]

Sunday, September 13, 2015

P O S T C A R D S . F R O M . B A L L Y E R

Greetings from The Dark Side, The Belly of The Beast.. I blog over at FACEBOOK now.

Here is the latest offering. Please read and enjoy!

[After each of the 3 photos of my hometown below, i wrote a short reflection]

A thousand Thanks for all the wonderful photos to Edward Brennan
who is posting lots more on Facebook in the group
Ballyfermot: Past, Present, & Future

This used to be my playground in the late 60s/ early 70s. Even today, often when i dream i find myself up there at the 'Layer'. 
It was at the end of our road but it seemed miles away. It was so full of kids it seemed huge. To quiet boys like me the children there were so free and open though they were dirtier and much more rough and tumble than us. 
I went to Pre-School there and can still smell the Marla [playdough] on my hands. I can still remember screaming the place down when 'Santy' [Santa Claus] came too close and spoke to me, trying to give me a present wrapped in old-fashioned Christmas paper... 
I remember being up there as a teenager on my bike. I stayed a bit too late. As it grew dark, I saw things in the shadows i had never seen before... A young straight couple in one corner having full-on sex, their clothes around their ankles and biting lumps out of each others necks... In another dark corner one man smoking a joint helped another fella inject heroin into a swollen vein in his thick forearm. At the exact moment i passed by, the heroin took effect and the stocky man swooned into oblivion. His pal cradled him and took the opportunity to kiss him on the mouth and slip his hand down into his jeans to feel him. He winked at me asking if i wanted to go closer for a quick feel... I lept on my Raleigh 20 and tore off down The Parade as fast as my legs would carry me... But i never forgot them. From then on, i KNEW there were gay people everywhere.

All my memories of Ballyer are of endless, sunny days. 
It must have rained. It was Ireland afterall: it must've rained A LOT! 
But i can hardly recall ever being caught in a rain shower or having wet clothes... Even my solitary memory of trying to slide on an icy patch on our road like the tougher fearless kids happens not on a cold, snowy day but on a crisp, clear afternoon with grey-blue skies and piercing sunlight... 
In this photo i imagine i see Daddy's car - a black Morris Cowley, my first crush the blackened stocky coalman's horse-trap parked up for the day... 
I am safe and warm inside our house [Number 7]. 
Not seeing any rain. 
The radio is on. 
Just me and Mammy.

When i was a boy, the Number 18 bus was one of the greatest mysteries to me... 
We had two other buses. The 78 and the 79.
They went to 'Town": a dirty, dangerous, exciting place. The Great Unknown for us kids. Only certain teenagers and people in their 20s went there. If they had bus-fare and something to spend, or just for a bit of a wander around.

But The 18?? ... Now THERE was a real unknown quantity!!! It went form Ballyfermot [one of the city's poorest areas] all the way through the poshest suburban 'villages' where The Elites lived and laughed. 
Their palatial homes with palm trees and pools stretched out across the mythic fields of Elysium to a place called Sandymount by the sea [one of the richest areas in Dublin].
I could never see WHY 'they' would need a bus to come to where WE lived, or why they would allow US to go to where they lived! ... So i took the 18 one day to see for myself.

Mesmerised, I sat upstairs and looked through every house window i could. They lived like kings! Even their gardens were incredible! Some had swimming pools and waterfalls!! There were cinemas, bowling greens, lawn tennis clubs, verdant squares with rich boys training in tight shorts for rugby... 
I asked a middle-aged woman on the bus why Ballyfermot people would go to the posh places. She put out her fag on the floor between us and coughed into a hanky she took from up her sleeve like a magician... "For fuck sake youngfella, would ya ever get a bleedin grip on yerself!!! The likes of us come over here for only one thing: We're the cleaners!!!" 

From then on i couldn't get it out of my mind! I could NEVER forget that a totally different world existed beyond ours. It called me in the night. I wanted to go back there and claim it for myself... 

I went three significant times that i can remember. They were all momentous days in my life: 

1. I went to the cinema alone for the first time [Planet of the Apes at the Classic 'picture house' in Harold's Cross, where i now live.

2. When i was 18 i had my first gay date. He was a motorbike policeman who lived up the road from my current home [he was too grabby. there wasn't a second date. he passed away some years later from AIDS].

And finally, 3. I was taking the 18 bus one night to meet The Gorgeous M [the love of my life] for a date at his new house. I was wearing my best clothes [Early 80s chic. New Romantic streetwear]. While waiting for the 18 to arrive i was 'Queer-bashed' at the bus stop by a gang of thugs who were passing by. 
They kicked the shit out of me and dragged me along the path, my long tweed coat pulled over my bloodied face and head. 
Nobody else at the bus stop intervened on my behalf. Nobody screamed Stop, Get off him! 
The bus came... I managed to pull myself free! I got on, blood streaming from a cut over my eye. My hands were so raw and scraped from the fight i could hardly use them to count out the fare. The busman just leaned towards me and took the exact fare from my handful of change saying 'For Jaysus sake! Will ya ever get on!!!' ... 

That was the night i decided to leave Ballyer. 
I never went back.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It may not surprise you to know that I passionately believe in R E V O L U T I O N.
It is how i view Politics. It is how i view Buddhism.

I believe Revolution is the very essence of Human Nature; It is what makes us human and drives our socio-spiritual awakening. We all want Fair Play. And when it eludes us, we rebel and lash out. We call to the world: "Wake up and smell the kaka!". But revolutionaries and prophets are not enough.

Religion and Philosophy help us to understand that we find Awakening INSIDE US.

The 'World' teaches us that the best way to live is in [or on the fringe of] a FREE AND EQUAL SOCIETY - one that SELF-ORGANIZES, FROM THE GROUND UP and is open to change and continual growth.

This means we do not require A PRIESTLY CASTE - we must connect with the Buddha/God/Spirit with us OURSELVES.

It also means we must not allow our struggle for equality and freedom to be hijacked or led by SELF-APPOINTED SPOKESPEOPLE. They do not have a mandate. The danger is they may not be serving others, but that they could actually be self-serving.

It may even be in their interest NOT to have equality achieved!

For as long as the struggle for freedom continues indefinitely [with them firmly placed at centre stage, of course], then there is always the need for a Freedom Movement. And a group of self-appointed leaders. Who lead from above. While those below never actually get to take for themselves that to which they are fully entitled.
Leaders may come and go. That is the nature of the limelight. Some may even appear to be 'elected', albeit from a small pool of pre-selected candidates.

But the same fundamental, systemic flaw remains:

The system is rigged.
It is a white-wash.
It is designed to never actually deliver.
It supports hierarchy, and things remaining the same.
It does not bring true change at the rate the people require.
It is just another charade, within an unjust facade, dressed up as Choice, all smothered in a shiny, chocolatey layer of shit.

Self-organizing, from the ground up. 

For example, in relation to Gay Equal Marriage in Ireland:

The people's grass-roots, revolutionary movement towards full equality is fast being RE-hijacked by those who stand to benefit most from BUSINESS AS USUAL rather than Freedom and Awakening.
If marriage equality is to be achieved by the referendum in 2015 - and i hope it finally is - then it will have been achieved by the power and the truth of ordinary people. Not by those who wish to be associated with that historic moment.

Consider the facts...

If my livelihood DEPENDS ON gay people remaining in their present corrals, and their freedom and equality never being fully delivered, then i must APPEAR to do all i can to serve QLGBT equality, while never actually bringing it about.

If Freedom WERE achieved by my direct efforts, it would be like the proverbial turkey leading the campaign to Vote FOR Christmas!

I would be leading directly to my own financial downfall.
I would be putting myself out of a job [to say nothing of my plummeting social status].
... And, let's face it, if i personally benefitted most from being A BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND i would rage with all my might and rail against anything that threatened to take fish off the menu completely, or which could lead to the pond becoming an ocean.

How would i make a living from a social subset that didn't need me anymore?
Who would save my failing business if i couldn't get myself on telly, fake a storm in a D Cup, and drum up some punters?
Who would buy my autobiography?
Or go see a documentary about my rise to minor celebrity?

If and when the people SEE THROUGH WHITEWASHES SUCH AS THESE, and grasp for ourselves the equality we demand, then the gay world in which we live - the ghetto through which we move and have our being - will ALSO HAVE TO CHANGE... CHANGE RADICALLY.

There would nolonger be any need for professional lobbyists to act on our behalf.

There would be 20 gay bars around Dublin instead of 2 [soon to be one, i hear].

QLGBT people ourselves may also grow, more freely, totally out of control ... perhaps even to the point where we refuse on a night out to become the captive audience of whatever lip-syncing wannabe in a frock the scene involuntarily retches up for our further anaesthetization.
Just like every human being on the planet, we would become more involved with the task of CREATING THE WORLD WE WANT, FOR OURSELVES.

A world where the big questions would not be about what people like to do with their genitalia, or who can marry whom [to say nothing of who wrote what about whom online or how the wounded party made the regrettable mistake of retaliating by resorting to tragic, midnight cyber-bullying or a feeble attempt at social exclusion worthy of petty fascist manipulators around the planet.

A global community is emerging in which we are primarily concerned with caring for others rather than ourselves.

The main stepping stone of the age, towards that brighter future, is to SEE what is happening right now around us. Who is doing what. And why we are not yet free.

To paraphrase Voltaire, 'If you want to know who is trying to control and rule over you, discover who attempts to stop you criticizing them'.

We need to keep our hands firmly on the reins, and drive all the way up this path to liberation ourselves!

PS By the way, don't get me wrong: i have known and liked many good people whose profession it was to lobby for LGBT Rights. Furthermore, i actually love drag and lip-sync... It's what lies behind it all that needs to be examined, and transcended, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

We must NOT be afraid of naming what we see.

Nor should we be distracted from the ultimate goal of Equality by whatever bullying, personal attacks, or 'de-friending' that expressing the truth may draw upon us. That is to be expected, and is afterall the very nature of what a 'whitewash' is and does.

Soon transcended. Soonest forgotten. Sooner still consigned to the rubbish heap of world history.

May Love and Light prevail.
May the beige negativity that currently passes for integrity be completely swept away.
And may all oppression, of every kind, be dispelled into space! 



Sunday, August 3, 2014

a new poem


[for Oisín]

Staring wide-eyed into Space: Natural, Open, Awake…
I sit contentedly on a park bench, by a lake, under an oak,
In Paris, in the lotus garden of the rosy Templars.

And a Music shall be my Salvation;
A hidden music that no one else can hear.
That Limitless Love drifts out of me, off out into Open Space,
I am Shining in this Dark Age. Joy Rising.

I am singing inside, my own cosmic Halleluia.
Arising from the Eternal OM, comes the AH, then the HUM…
Far beyond that grey horizon, without a thought or care,
I chant my silence. A gentle hymn to my own perfect essence:



B o … k e t … t o

[Dublin, 3 August 2014]
especially for those touched by autism 

'BOKETTO', Japanese word for gazing into open space without a thought.

Monday, May 12, 2014

BIG BUDDHA DAY 2014. Wednesday, May 14.

Celebrate the Buddha's life and teachings by sitting in meditation [publicly] for 1 Hour.
Alone or with friends, just sit...

This is an International event and falls annually on the day of the MAY FULL MOON.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Phew!!! That Feels Better...

I'm incognito because I don't want a FaceBook Fatwah against me!
I think the potential for people sharing TOXIC images and messages on FaceBook is literally without limit, and dangerously spiralling out of control...

This morning - over the course of one cup of coffee - i saw extreme suffering and mutilated people and animals, i read hate speech [which is actually a crime, but FaceBook doesn't remove it when you complain], i saw sexually explicit images and videos [that any young person just one step removed from that page could easily access e.g. a young friend of a friend], i saw a new [previously unknown] friend's page for the first time [full of provocative photos of young, pre-pubescent girls posing and pouting, and music videos of none other than Gary Glitter of all people!]... The list goes on and on... No wonder so many people just stop using FaceBook altogether... Who wants all that stuff as part of their day?!

A simple quick scan to see how your friends are

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New WWW Address

Due to Google Apps' ineptitude in assisting their customers to keep their existing customized web addresses, I [and millions like me] may lose our personalized www very soon.

I own and have a valid credit card on file with google which is set to auto-renew my ownership of the above URL.

However, because of some change or other in Google Apps, i may lose that next week [and have to try and buy it back at a premium]

If that happens - and i don't manage to secure the purchase of the same www - please find me on the original address

I may eventually have to purchase a different www
So please also check   or   .net  etc

I thought computers and the internet were supposed to make life and communication easier ?!?!

If all else fails, please find me on FaceBook

Sorry for being so quiet on this site.

Still sending L O V E  and L I G H T  to all,

Friday, May 31, 2013

The King of Tibet

Ever since the 7th century, Tibet has had an unbroken lineage of Kings, whose primary role in life was to serve and lead the Tibetan people according to the principles of the Buddha's teachings... The 20 year old Trichen Namgyal Wangchuk is the current King of Tibet.

This week, Trichen graduates from private boarding school in the United States - the same one made famous by the movie Dead Poet's Society - and like so many other young people in America will begin a four year degree in the autumn.

 But he is not like most ordinary students his age. Apart from being calm, compassionate and wise, Trichen has inherited the mantle of monarchy from his father, the previous King of Tibet. His beloved father died in exile some years ago in India, and Trichen automatically became the next King under the guidance of his mentor HH Dalai Lama, who advised him to leave the school for refugee children in Dharamsala where he was boarding at that time and get to America where he might be lucky enough to receive the sponsorship necessary to get a thorough Western education. 
The intention was to prepare him for the possibility of leading the Tibetan people, from inside Tibet, at some future point in the country's beleaguered history.

In America the Tibetan boy king had the good fortune to also be taken under the wing of film maker Holly Carter, with whom he collaborated on a short documentary about himself and his native country Tibet.

You can enjoy the film HERE 

And HERE is a wonderful online article/interview from a local [US] news and current affairs agency in Delaware.

Although Trichen was obviously nervous and aware of the emotional impact of the opportunity, you can clearly see glimpses of the extraordinary man he is rapidly becoming in a short talk he delivered as part of the prestigious TEDx initiative. You can view the clip HERE 

Congratulations to Britain's DAILY MAIL for being perhaps the only mainstream media to pick up on the existence of the young King of Tibet, and to draw our attention to the important role he may yet come to play in the country's future.

If we learn only one thing from the wisdom of the Buddha it must surely be this -


Therefore accept and embrace change
And always remain open to other possibilities
When change comes, don't resist it but learn to surf it
Use change to get where you want to arrive


Long live His Majesty Lhagyari Trichen Namgyal Wangchuk!
May his life bring immeasurable benefit to the people of Tibet!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy BIG BUDDHA DAY 2013 !

Today is the trifold anniversary Of Buddha Sakya Muni.
He was born, got enlightened And attained parinirvana On the full moon days of this month 26 centuries before now.
This is the time for us to remember that great apostle of peace. The teacher who taught us to train Our mind and awaken within us The great wisdom and compassion.

By Ringu Tulku 25th May 2013

Enjoy Big Buddha Day 2013, Everyone.
May your Presence bring Love and Light to All!

[If you gather and sit today, please post messages and photos in COMMENTS on , or on my FaceBook 'Bruno Nua', 'Big Buddha Day 2013' Event, or email to me and I will do it for you]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dear AMJC,
Wonderful seeing you again today.

I thought you might enjoy these 3 films - one for each of my precious masters
[thanks to you i became their student]

Sogyal Rinpoche
Thich Nhat Hanh
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche


Thank you so much!
Love and Light,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big Buddha Day 2013

BIG BUDDHA DAY 2013 will be Saturday May 25.

The May Full Moon occurs from 24th to 26th [depending on which part of the world you are in].

Therefore we can choose Saturday May 25 at 3pm.

This year the suggestion is to gather with friends in ANY public place that inspires you and simply sit for 1 hour together:

If you would like to communicate with others about where you have arranged to sit at 3pm please feel free to click on the title bar of this post and leave a message below or - better still - go to and do it there.
The Event is also on facebook... simply search Big Buddha Day 2013

Spread the Love and Light!
Shine in this Dark Age,


PS I will be sitting by the benches where people wait for trains in HEUSTON RAILWAY STATION, DUBLIN, IRELAND.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche Teaching on what GURU really means

DZONGSAR KHYENTSE RINPOCHE is the reincarnation of the pre-eminent Tibetan Buddhist master, Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro.
For those who are not yet familiar with him [DKR], there is plenty of information and tantalizing links all over the web.

I recently had the good karma to meet MARTIN DUDEK on my travels. Amongst many other positive deeds, he is in the process of sharing online a collection of teachings by DKR in a blog to which i highly recommend you subscribe for updates.

Here is the blog's main page, which begins with the latest post

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

London Calling

I have finished writing my first novel, LONDON CALLING.

It is number one in a series of five 'Dharma Mystery-Thrillers'.
The books all feature Jalu, a wandering Tibetan Buddhist Master, who is both narrator and principle character.

Each novel explores one major theme from the Buddha's teachings.
In the first one, Jalu is in Spain where he meets Virginia Blake [a 62 year old English woman living in Madrid]. She has Early-Onset Alzheimers but has become embroiled in a fast-paced road trip: She and her friends are on the run.

Think Pedro Almadóvar meets Dan Brown meets Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, and you're half-way there!

On the surface, LONDON CALLING is a novel about history, espionage, truth and lies.
However, it is also a profound contemplation on the Mind, and the Buddha's teachings on Meditation.

Any publishers out there?

We have moved to Bangkok from Koh Chang, our paradise island. Soon, we will leave Thailand and slowly make our way back to Ireland for sometime in June. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

just keeping in touch...

Dear Friends,
Annie Dibble, of Bodhicharya Ireland, invited me to share a bit about what i am up to these days, so here goes. [If you are feeling bad because you haven't been abroad for years, this will do your head in so STOP READING NOW! LOL!]