Monday, February 25, 2008

heading for the hills again!

after much agonising, i have decided to take Nechung Kuten Rinpoche up on his invitation of january 2007 to visit him in dharamsala
we met when he visited some friends of mine in goa, india, and we all spent the day swimming and picnicking in a deserted blue lagoon
i told him i secretly longed to learn that deep chanting technique method [with overtones] the tibetans use
he said to go to his place in dharamsala some march when the spring comes and he would organise everything
he said i should learn it at gyuto monastery or namgyal
it's been on my mind ever since but when i tried to contact him or his attendant, tenzin-la, i got no reply
finally - with lots of encouragement from michael and some advice from friends who have more experience of dealing directly with tibetan lamas - i have decided to just show up and see what happens from there
i don't know if he even gave me a second thought after i left his room that evening - probably not - but i now understand that when such a being says you must do something... then you should follow it through... and when he invites you, he won't be surprised when you just turn up!

so, off i go!

march 10 - april 8

i have discovered it is now possible to fly to dharamsala so i will touch down briefly in delhi on march 11, switch airports, then fly up to the foothills of the himalayas

when i was in india last year, i stayed in sikkim and got a real taste for the region

jamyang gyari of middlepath travels, has once again proved a great connection to have made as they have organised a lot of my internal tickets and stuff this time too

still it will be quite an adventure nonetheless as i haven't left much time to get from the international airport in delhi to the domestic in time to make the flight to dharamsala!!!


  1. Bruno, have a fantastic trip and thanks for everything. Will be checking in on the blog to hear about it. Paul K.

  2. All the best Bruno,
    it sounds like a fantastic adventure!
    Say hello to Nechung Kuten Rinpoche for me ;). Steve McEvoy

  3. May your quest be successful and enjoy the journey!

    please keep us posted with news and pics!