Friday, March 14, 2008

finding my feet

walked the legs off myself around this mountain ridge town!
very inspiring and laid-back
also very tibetan and full of Buddhism!

HHDL is ill with a cold and has cancelled everything for the time being.

i hope you are following the latest news about the uprising and protests in Tibet
the Jokang Temple area in Lhasa is the focus for it all and the chinese army have closed it off
large, peaceful protests ongoing there
yesterday, Bagdro told me lots of people have been arrested including one Rinpoche and many monks and nuns

also the night i arrived in mcleod, i followed the tail end of a large group of monks and nuns and lay people processing through the streets out of town
to my great surprise, i recently discovered they were actually WALKING back to tibet [as is their right] to show solidarity with the uprising there
they were all stopped by the indian army and police the following day on the road
now they have all gone on hunger strike!

many monks and nuns are now also on hunger strike demanding the release of those who have been arrested in lhasa recently

NYING JE! our hearts go out to them!

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