Saturday, March 15, 2008

latest news from tibet

this is Bagdro, the Tibetan monk i mentioned before
we see a lot of eachother here in mcleod and his whole life is dedicated to receiving txts and mobile calls from Tibet with the latest human rights news
then he struggles to disseminate it to concerned individuals and agencies throughout the world
he also lobbies politicians and governments
he is extremely good at what he does although he is very low-tech
so, i have set him up with a blog of his own
if you, or anyone you know, are interested in keeping up to date with events in tibet and his work, please subscribe to his blog where it says 'FEEDS' at the bottom of his blogpage
then you will receive updates directly to your email or desktop without having to check it all the time... it may take him a short while to get used to doing it, but he will be up and running asap

by the way, the same is also true of my own blog... just subscribe below and you will get my latest ramblings - you can also unsubscribe at any time

as far as i hear from Bagdro-la, things are actually going from bad to worse in Lhasa despite BBC bulletins saying all is now quieter
the monastics and lay people alike have now gone ALL OUT to stage a full-on uprising with no going back to the old regime
they are offering their lives and at the very least will be imprisoned and tortured [as was Bagdro in the last riots in 1988]
everyone here is very sad on the one hand about the terrible suffering involved
on the other hand, they feel enthusiastic that things are finally unblocking, moving and maybe changing for the better in the long-term for Tibet
there are many planned and spontaneous protest marches and rallies here with ordinary tibetans and religious crying out loud and calling for a stop to the slaughter and for a free Tibet
they also call for HHDL's long life and for the international community to DO something... do ANYTHING to help them!
meanwhile on BBC world news on TV i note this is the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq - there are even reporters on the streets and in lovely little childrens' playgrounds saying how much better it is now in Baghdad... really, i thought the BBC were above that kind of spin - sickening!
worse still... i see Condoleeza Rice is in Beijing having smiley happy chats and photo-ops with the Chinese no.1
of course, there will be no real mention of Tibet or any pressure whatsoever!
in one short TV news bulletin you can clearly see just how fucked up the world is!
and how we ignore the laws of cause and effect at our peril on a daily basis, on a global scale
i could cry a river of tears... but what's the use in that!
things could so easily be totally different
in an instant
we could allow perfect heaven on earth to manifest right here, right now...

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