Tuesday, March 18, 2008

more shocking news from inside tibet...

according to Bagdro and other sources around mcleod, the latest news from inside tibet continues to shock and disturb

10s of thousands are now protesting and rioting all around tibet
Amdo and Kham of course are the most warrior-like and huge clashes are being reported there

in Kham, for example, monastics are 'locked in' their monasteries [usual during recent protests] and the chinese told them 'if one person comes out the gate we will shoot them!' [and they have done]
the Khampa reply was 'if you shoot 1, next day 2 will go out, then 3 and so on... are you going to kill us all?!'
so this reportedly has worked and they flood out daily to march without attack

the latest from hLasa is that a huge clamp-down and round-up has taken place with great brutality
the military surround the monasteries with tanks and machine guns and even stay inside - all in order to keep them from going outside to protest
however, near Ganden monastery for example, local farmers are texting Bagdro to tell him they have seen bodies of monks being taken out of the monastery

as you know i am attending Gyuto Monastery here but its parent monastery in tibet is famous for organising very strong resistence in the past
as a result of their recent protest activities, almost all of them have been imprisoned!!

we're told that the water in the tibetan 'quarter' of hLasa has been poisoned and noone dares touch it now

the recent pictures the chinese provided for BBC to broadcast of monks killing and looting are apparently non-monastic agents dressed up in robes [the wrong kind too]
locals reported seeing these so-called monks with walkie-talkies speaking to the police who were directing affairs as they checked with cameramen to see if they got the pictures or if they had to do it again

anyway we all know this old trick!

also one thing was explained to me today by Bagdro which had puzzled me for ages... why is the Dalai Lama not speaking out one way or the other every night on the evening news?

it seems HHDL was asked by senior monastics IN Tibet not to comment [for 2 reasons]:

1. if he tells them to stop protesting, they WILL stop, but then nothing can change... so they pleaded with him to say nothing instead

2. if he is seen to support the uprising in any way at all, then the chinese can use that as propaganda saying he is a terrorist leader etc and doesnt even care for his peoples' welfare - the overall result would be even more brutality against the local tibetans

i must say the only TV news we get here is BBC World News and i am increasingly disappointed and upset by their coverage of tibet

they report nothing from inside tibet
their only correspondent is in beijing and is obviously watched like a hawk by his chinese minders so he doesnt really report anything except what the chinese leaders are saying

they do have a crew here in dharamsala who collect lots of interviews and coverage but they dont use any of it

i dont know anymore... i really give up on the whole lot of them...

what kind of reporters are they in america and england?!

a couple of weeks ago they allowed George Bush to go completely unchallenged when he referred to Tibetans as the 'Dalai Lama crowd'
and today they continuously report the chinese president calling them the 'Dalai Clique' without even raising an eyebrow!?

if ever the true story of these weeks in tibet is told, we will all inevitably be shocked and ashamed by the flimsy news coverage, shoddy investigative journalism, and lack of political backbone across the globe
this has always been the case with regard to tibet - ever since HHDL wrote pleading letters to the U.S. and U.K. during the original invasion in the 50s... and got no support whatsoever!

already tibet is becoming old news
it could be that it receives little or no coverage at all as it reaches its crisis point [yet to come]

one can even imagine a scenario where it could drop out of the TV news altogether because Brittany Spears might shave her head again or simply go for a walk!

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  1. I m a tibetan living in Europe and im in the process of a nerve breakdown because of my fellow compatriots in Tibet being killed without any real media coverage now, since the region is completely locked down. PLEASE contact the major newspaper and urge them to publish the testimonies you are collecting!!!
    PLEASE! Your are white and citizen of a western country, they might listen to you or take your accounts into consideration.
    Most of those tens of thousands of demonstrators WILL get a treatment in chinese jails worse than death, when they are not killed immediatly.