Friday, March 14, 2008

Nechung Kuten Rinpoche

Yesterday, i visited Nechung Kuten Rinpoche [NKR] again - to have an interview at his personal retreat house just below HHDL's residence.
As you know, he is the medium for the State Oracle of Tibet and, as such, his main function is to be on call for the Tibetan Govt in exile and HHDL as and whenever they wish to consult him

he has no memory of what he advises them when he is in the trance and is tired and ill afterwards

as a person he is very gentle and extremely kind and generous with his time and energy
as i said before, he is the reason i made this trip

while i was there, he was putting in place by phone the final arrangements for my chant training at Gyuto Monastery
it looks like i will receive lessons there daily from the chant master for as long as i am here and they will help me with the tibetan language barriers - especially when it comes to the texts they chant there, as they are all in tibetan script of course
i feel so honoured and grateful to everyone concerned for this rare opportunity
i have been told by NKR and Bagdro-la that Gyuto is by far the best place to learn this style of chanting and that it their version of it is also the most beautiful and complex

NKR has also recommended i visit Kamtrul Rinpoche for practice advice
he is old now but is THE Nyingma expert on Vajrakilaya practice - in fact, he is the source for the teachings in the latest Rigpa practice manual for Vajrakilaya

as NKR is extremely intuitive and clairvoyant, i have requested him to make predictions and offer advice for the future of Buddhism in Ireland
i have also specifically asked for guidance for Buddhist Network Ireland especially our aspiration to establish ireland's first Buddhist temple to be used by ALL mainstream forms of Buddhism in ireland

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