Monday, April 21, 2008

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on Jealousy

Rinpoche began the evening with a laugh...

'If you really want to suffer needlessly - become JEALOUS'

It is the most useless negative emotion!

The opposite to Jealousy is Rejoicing

We transform Jealousy into All-Accomplishing Wisdom.

When I Rejoice [especially in the positive actions of others], it is almost better for me than if i had done the deed myself! There are endless opportunities for us to rejoice.
Therefore, it is possible to be deeply happy all the time - for free!

Rinpoche went on to comment that in matters of Love there is no room for jealousy
When jealousy arises, don't hold onto it - that is completely useless
Don't push it away but allow it to settle

Allowing everything to come and go is the most important skill

The more we practise this, fearlessly, the stronger it becomes.
All the Kleshas diminish and Wisdom prevails

This outcome is called All-Accomplishing Wisdom because it is revealed that

everything is perfect
it was always perfect
it wasn't necessary to do anything!
... nothing to fear
... nothing to dissolve

Buddhism, Rinpoche concluded, is not about peacefully meditating
Rather, it is all about accepting and letting go whatever arises in the present moment.

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