Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche teaching on ANGER!

Now Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has arrived in ireland and has begun teaching here in dublin all this week.

The topic he has been invited to teach on this time is The 5 Mind Poisons and how they could be The 5 Wisdoms.

Last night RTR began with the first of these problematic mind poisons - Anger!

The Buddha's teaching is all based on this essential discovery that certain things are blocking us from recognising and revealing our Buddha Nature.

At the root of these obscurations is Ignorance or Delusion. Because of this, i do not see things as they truly are - including myself. In fact, my delusion leads me to mistakenly see all phenomena as somehow separate from me.
Therefore, I have many lifetimes of viewing the external world in just this way.
For the most part, i react with attachment or aversion.
Just like children, we have never quite grown out of our tendency to go head to head with the universe and scream I Want! ... or... I Don't Want!

We can all examine ourselves and our habitual tendencies and discover in what particular ways our attachment and aversion manifests.

in my own case, i confess that my Attachment takes the form of Addiction - substances, experiences, the same old script!

my Aversion manifests as Anger

Following Rinpoche's teaching last night i reminded myself of this reality...

Perhaps for countless lifetimes, i have allowed anger to be a strong force in my life

So much so that there is a tiny anger seed planted in my consciousness
When the right circumstances arise, this seed blossoms and flourishes and spreads its new seeds in myself and others - ready for the next time i don't get what i want, or i get what i don't want!

I have shamefully wasted lifetime after lifetime [and much of this one] being swept along by this vile negative energy which only harms myself and others, and never actually succeeds in its goal of protecting me and defeating others.

However, all is not lost! [apart from the fact that i am also many other energies including peace and love]

The Anger energy, while very strong and destructive, is also short-lived.
Just like a burst of fire it appears to consume everything momentarily but does not last very long
It burns out
And, if i don't fan the flames and indulge it, Anger can just subside as quickly as it arose

So - the solution to anger is not to follow where it leads
neither should i attempt to suppress it

simply to observe it, is enough to take away anger's power to sweep us away as usual

if we can continue to look at anger in this way whenever it arises, it's power will diminish and dwindle

Eventually the seed will lie dormant in us
But it is still there [= bad news]

So whenever anger moves through our perception in the future, we must remember to give it the same treatment as before -

neither indulge nor suppress

don't take my childish emotions so seriously

Ultimately, it may even go altogether - like a dormant seed that shrivels and dies when it is never watered [= good news]

The language we speak - i am convinced - shapes our conceptual mind
How we perceive is affected by what we think

As Buddha said
We are what we think
With our thoughts we make the world
And when i experience anger, for example, the English language programmes me to think 'I am angry'

in english i identify so strongly with the emotion that i believe i have actually become anger itself - for the time being, that is what i am

other languages express it as 'I have anger' or 'There is anger'

this, it seems, is a much healthier approach from a psychological point of view at least

- the emotion is just temporarily passing through me

- i am not it
- it is not me

much better for me to identify with my Buddha Nature - the Natural Mind

this Non-Stick Mind policy will allow anger to Self-Liberate

anger is not something i have to get rid of

just no need to give it energy either way

i can remain unaltered by the experience of its passing through, and simply rest assured in the wisdom that -

anger is not in my nature

don't go there if anger does arise

look anger in the face

it will quickly subside

eventually it will never return

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