Thursday, April 10, 2008

there's no place like home...

Home is sweet indeed... and my heart is well and truly here too.
Had a wonderful reunion with the gorgeous Mikey who picked me up at dublin airport.

We had been in touch a lot during my month away and even managed to have several long phonecalls too [including the now famous i'm bored... i'm coming home early phonecall at the end of week 3]

Thankfully, M encouraged me to go to the beach in Phuket for the last week - although it must have broken his heart not to be going to his beloved Thailand himself too.

i had a wonderful week around the Patong Beach scene in Phuket but most of all i loved swimming every day

i even managed to take a speedboat day-trip around the islands... including Maya Beach where they made that movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio
Here's a pic of me [above] emerging from the sea like Ursula Andres in that early James Bond movie, or is it more like the Creature from the Blue Lagoon ?

Coming home involved 4 flights!

So i flew from phuket to bangkok
stayed overnight at Babylon and had a nice night out on the scene [went to DJ Station]

next day, flew to Delhi [stayed at the YMCA... dont bother!]
following morning, took a hair-raising taxi ride,
on the way to the airport, around some of Delhi [Connaught Place etc... dont bother!... fun driving though]

Then Delhi - London - Dublin... Phew!

Now i am well and truly home...

i have resumed running my business NUA which really just amounts to my Bed and Breakfast
and many many thanks to M for running things so smoothly and successfully while i was away!

as well as that i'm back to dabbling in the creative arts
running Buddhist Network Ireland

and i will, of course, continue to study and practise some meditation at RIGPA

i enjoyed writing this blog very much and i hope you enjoyed reading it!

i intend to continue to use it from time to time as a kind of diary and notebook - a place where i can simply rant and rave... share my thoughts and neurosis... show off... confess... create...

a blog is just that kind of space where you can express all manner of serious stuff alongside rubbish and tedium - everything that makes up a person

As such, not all of it will be edifying or interesting - Buddhism and Travel are only part of a much broader picture...
Sexuality, the Creative Arts, Politics, Fun [god forbid!]... will also feature here

if you are not interested please unsubscribe to FEEDBLITZ [above] or POSTS ATOM [below]

if you are interested, or someone you know, please continue to subscribe and keep in touch

Love and Best Wishes,

Reveal your True Nature!
Attain Enlightenment for the benefit of all beings!
Free Tibet!

May Non-Violent World Revolution cause Peace, Compassion and Wisdom to overflow like a great river bursting its banks!

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