Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Really... i mean - come ON ... i ask you, is this the face of a political leader worthy of our respect and taxes?!

you remember WaterGate... well this is CowenGate, surely.

it was only a matter of time - after the untimely demise of the Bertie Party - that the new Taoiseach Brian Cowen should put his foot in it big time. Gone is the smiley photo-op Brian, or the 'I am SO happy i just want to play the accordian' Brian.

Once the brief honeymoon period was over in the Dáil for the new leader, it was only natural that everyone should revert to type.
The opposition... well... opposing Brian's government and the bullish ... well ... bullying.
I'm sure it's not in the public interest for politics to be reduced to a matter of he who shouts the loudest wins.
However, this is the environment that spawned the beast. I am told by a friend who went to boarding school with Cowen that he thrived in the school debates where a smart-arsed big-mouth was just the ticket - quite the card - top dawg
i wouldn't be surprised if the school motto had been Volumen vincit omnia! [which roughly translates as 'shout loudest, ya ham!']

So there they were - Brian the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland and his noble adversary Enda, Leader of the Opposition - debating and shouting across the chamber because [as is often the case] the Taoiseach wouldn't or couldn't answer the question put to him.
When finally Biffo [Brian of the soon-to-be-known-as CowenGate affair] shouted over Enda something like 'I could fix it so you were never heard again in this house!!'

Can you believe it - of all the Don Corglioni Tony Sopranos!

Apparently, though, it appears our esteemed god-father-of-foul wasn't actually threatening to feed Enda to the fishes. Oh no. He was merely reminding him of the superior shouting power of the majority party of the house and that if he didn't shut up and sit down, presumably, he could literally find himself in the unenviable position of not being audible above the unholy din of Brian's back-bencher uber-shouter henchmen if released on him.
I can hardly believe he said that out loud, but worse was still to come!
Apparently forgetting, or not really caring, his microphone was still on - the Taoiseach sat down again and muttered triumphantly to his neighbour 'That'll shut the f**ker up!'

As one political commentator hilariously put it... Brian Cowen's first significant act as Taoiseach has been to 'put the F back in Fianna Fáil'!

However, far from being scandalised by the F -ing Farrago or the Flying Fists of the Furious Fracas, Brian merely passed over the whole affair as 'inappropriate language' for the situation, and seems to have gotten away with it.

Oh... my.... god... !

this could only happen in ireland!
we really do get the politicians we deserve!

It seems to be the irish way - politicians get away with murder [up to a point] then we either get rid of them or they resign.
Then we allow them to be replaced by someone similar.

When will we ever learn... ?

-a bully just needs a big hug

-shouting is a cry for help

-a dog is for life, not just for christmas

-'The Sound of Music' wasn't just a film about a singing nun

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