Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We woz robbed!

Just in case you were wondering... i have been more silent than usual recently - not because i don't love you anymore ... au contraire cheri! ... we woz robbed [= burgled, madam!]

can you believe it?!

a home which doubles as a bed-and-breakfast with guests coming and going at all hours - and the burglars still managed to pick a time when the house was empty!

at 6pm on a sunny evening with friends and neighbours all around they broke down the front door, stayed for 10 minutes and made a hasty retreat with our laptops and camera!
they even managed to let our beautiful Jessye [dog] run free onto the street... she has never been off the leash before... it's a miracle she wasn't killed

of course, once i returned to the house the cops were already there, poking their noses into all our private nooks and crannies [missus!] and sneering at us for having such a beautiful home and no alarm

the funniest was when they uttered those immortal words ... 'wait til you see the state of your bedroom' [... when i eventually managed to brave going up there, i was SO embarrassed to see it was in exactly the same sorry state i had left it myself before the burglars broke in!!! LOL]

so you see THAT'S why i've been out of touch...

having no laptop was a pain - but [as the glamourous michael suggested] it is quite gratifying to know that - despite our big house and fancy contents - all that was worth stealing was an old laptop that probably went down the local pub for 100 euro.

my only regret is i wasn't here waiting for them when they came through the door -
can you imagine... ME wearing something casual yet cheekily retro-hetero, seated in full lotus posture on the bottom of the stairs, exhaling pure love and kindness with every breath, offering mint tea and Ferrero Rocher...

anyway... i'm back in the land of the virtually living

i'm tapping away on the new laptop as we speak ... [Apple MacBook Pro, to the techie-geeks among us. For the uninitiated... it's shiney, v expensive, and ONLY gorgeous ... as me oul' ma would've said]

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