Tuesday, June 3, 2008

EU Referendum and Green Politics

Just a bit of a rant, possums...

ever since my student days at Trinity, i've been interested in Green Politics and usually give the Greens my number 1 vote in all elections - not as a protest vote, but because i actually believe [out of all the available brands of hogwash] it may actually be part of the solution... Think Globally, Act Locally and all that

it has always been my opinion that the beginning of the solution to the world's problems must begin with me

if i transform myself and my egoist preoccupations, the world will gradually become a better place - and if we all did that, the global transformation would be all the quicker and more stable

Apart from the whole Green take on Ecology [and they were the first!], i have also been most interested in the Green vision of social organisation ie government

The slogan Think Globally, Act Locally has profound ramifications for how we organise and govern ourselves politically

The model envisioned by the Greens is DE-CENTRALISATION

This does not mean merely dispersing civil servants to the 4 winds so no-one can accuse government of being 'culchie'-phobic or of being biased towards the fabulous mecca that is dublin
The Fianna Fail Party has hijacked and misunderstood the term decentralisation for whatever inexplicable reason

But the Greens, although critical of FF when they themselves were out of government, are now simply going along for the ride

You see... this is my point... De-centralisation is one the main tenets of Green Politics

This is what it envisions: a society comprising only small local units of government

- the main issues affecting peoples lives in any given area are to be decided locally and not centrally

therefore, the whole notion of having a central government at all is anti-Green
therefore, the Greens propping up a, by definition, misguided and possibly corrupt government is going against their own main principles
therefore, ideally there should be no government for the Greens to be part of and certainly there should be no EU government whatsoever

if you follow the logic back to its origins, you arrive at a position of increasing the power and value of the individual over that of the state - really it's quite revolutionary and anarchic!
you also guard against the misuse of power and control by future tyrants and dictators or distant faceless bureaucrats
at any rate, even if those in power centrally turned out to be quite nice and caring governers, it would still always be safer and far more preferable to have local government instead... provided, of course, local people could be trusted to make important decisions with a clear perspective of global issues such as environment and justice etc

So, we arrive at the Green Conundrum - if we want to change the system, we must do it from inside the system.
While this may be acceptable with regard to National Government, it makes absolutely no sense to be part of the process whereby an emerging centralised European government is actively promoted by the Greens - it goes against everything they believe in!

Instead of encouraging us to vote 'yes' to Europe in the up-coming EU referendum, the Greens should be [and should always have been] advising a 'no' vote in relation to all aspects of allowing a centralised Euro-gov to come about.

There are many Green pamphlets and books, no doubt printed on recycled paper - all very clear on De-Centralisation and what it means and the crucial importance of this key Green ideal

One can even find it on Wikipedia
- oh fountain of modern scholarship, research, and wisdom!

I suggest the Greens take down their 'vote yes' posters immediately

I recommend they read their own manifesto

I even found a dusty old copy of this book by Charlene Spretnak from my college days - just to convince myself that i had actually understood decentralisation properly and i wasn't just making all this up - and yes... it seems the Greens have entered into a pact with the devil that has prevented them from even beginning to realise their own aspirations for society

You might say they have ended up with organic free-range egg all over their faces!

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