Monday, June 30, 2008

First Ever Gay Pride March in Delhi

Delhi had its first ever Gay Pride Celebration yesterday.

Having been to India a couple of times now, I was shocked to discover there are 'no gays in India'.

Now I rejoice in their courage to march in their hundreds, many of them behind masks and veils.

The whole festivity went off with all the finesse and freshness of a Bollywood production... those bangra beats and bright colours...

Well, see for yourself

It is so wonderful to see this further act of Indian self-determination against all odds.

Of course India has a long long way to go.

But we shouldn't talk... we've only recently decriminalised homosexuality ourselves and even more recently offered civil partnership [of sorts].
We have a mad bigot holding a prominent political role unchallenged in the north of the island. Defending herself bitterly today on TV she clarified her illegal, immoral incitement to hatred by saying that 'Homosexuality - like all sins - is an abomination'.

When oh when will they ever learn that 'Gay Rights are Human Rights'.

That was the hue and cry of the 500-strong Delhi paraders yesterday and I join them wholeheartedly. Bangalore also held its first Pride and Kolkatta its second.

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