Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Grey Day Indeed...

It's a bit worse than a bad hair day but not as bad as a totally and incomprehensibly shitty day - but a grey day it is nonetheless.

It is now the height of summer and the weather is so grey the birdies have stopped a-chirpin', the rain is a-splittin' the trees, and ice-cream sales have gone through the floor.

But the weather is not the worst part of this depressing day in little old Ireland,
[the Land of Ire].
[Oh angry grey soil of grumpy old men].

The country, it was officially announced from the roof-tops today, is in recession!

We should have known, really...

Falling property prices, rising fuel and grocery prices, banks refusing to lend you the money to pay for surgery but offering you millions to invest in yet more property.

So, down to basics... who can we blame for this grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented financial cock-up?!

Well it's hard to say exactly, say experts.
But, it hasn't been so bad for 25 years.
And it must have something to do with recent financial and ministerial mis-managements.

Now, [In a Miss Marple sort of voice:] let us examine the facts my dear...

...Oh, SOD THAT Missy!

We know exactly who is to blame!

Former Minister for Finance, now Taoiseach, Brian Cowen of course!

He has been remarkably absent from today's coverage of the recession.
This [old] picture tells it all!

We'll do what we want - you won't get rid of us.
We'll be as corrupt as we like - all your tribunals cannot impeach us!
All your tax euros will not improve things.
Your children can go to prefab schools.
Your sick and elderly can languish on hospital trollies in A&E corridors.
Your prisons may overflow with criminals...
See if I care!

Recession is the new R word. It used to be rape or rent boy or relationship counsellor we mouthed silently in front of the kids. But now we must whisper recession in fearful reverend tones... forget that holiday luv, remember the recession... we're so sorry kids, Santy [Klaus] won't be coming this year [... is it the recession daddy?] ...

Now we have rocketing mortgage interest rates to look forward to, rising unemployment, and emigration.

Reddening faces, bulging eyeballs, veiny necks, hairline recession... it's not a good look, love!


The second travesty of the day, was the Irish "government's" peculiar version of Civil Partnership legislation.

I can't say I understand it fully myself, but it seems we haven't been granted equal status afterall [quelle surprise]. Both homosexual and heterosexual couples - if they are unmarried - remain second class citizens in Irish law.

The thought just occurred to me... why go through hoops trying to find some way to do the right thing in this regard only to fall short somehow?
... why doesn't the government treat all people equally under the law as SINGLE people?
Simply treat everyone fairly REGARDLESS of their current romantic status or sexual activities.

The Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahearn, today managed to add insult to injury when he commented, on the main evening TV news, presumably in relation to 'Gay Marriage' - Well... it wouldn't pass muster...

What does that even mean?! ...I give up.

And as for those lobbying on behalf of Full Marriage / Civil Partnership [equal to mainstream marriage]...

The heterosexual lobby was non-existent [and it should have directly involved the vast majority of Irish citizens, who are both straight and lapsed Catholics] - the result is un-married heterosexual couples are not even covered by this new legislation!

The gay lobby was shamefully fifth-rate!
I speak as a gay man, in a loving relationship of 25 years - so I've everything to lose myself.

... The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network are well-paid advocates for gay rights but have failed miserably to deliver full equality under the law.

... Gay Community News is a free gay magazine-type paper available nationwide but even they failed to kick ass and raise a storm over this.

Years of struggle have led us to the point where we were nearly granted equal rights.
But they dropped the ball.

Instead, its pages are filled with Lifestyle articles about what to wear, what to read/listen to/eat, where to go on holiday, what face cream to use...
photos of twinks with their tops off on the dance-floors of Ireland's sixth-rate gay scene...
but precious precious little support or affirmation for those of us who are [or want to be] in long-term relationships, living 'out and proud' in the suburbs, and genuinely concerned about what will happen to our partner and our jointly owned home if one of us dies before true equal status arrives.

Are the barricades really out here in the suburbs - are we really all alone out here, face to face with our straight neighbours who [for the most part] pretend we don't exist?

That's just the obvious need for re-education... a cultural shift that must surely come sooner or later.

But law is law.
We must bring the fight for full equality to the government at the centre of it all.
I thought that's what we were doing.
Obviously not.

It's worse than disappointing.

No wonder most gay people can't or won't sustain a lasting same-sex relationship.
What's the point?
Where's the support?
Where are our role-models?

Put down that copy of GCN...
Forget L'Oreal and their latest anti-wrinkle scrotum balm...

Fight for your rights... before it's too late...

Because you're worth it !


Finally today, Aidan, a buddy of mine, received a three-and-a-half year sentence for killing his identical twin brother last year.

I can hardly imagine what he is feeling. I am so mixed up about it myself and Aidan doesn't want to have a visit.

But what I do know is Aidan's twin was his best friend and he doesn't know himself what happened that night or why he stabbed him.

I only hope Aidan is getting the support he needs at this time and will receive all the necessary help required on his release.

Who really knows why anyone does anything?

The whole thing is a mess.

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