Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Say NO To Bullies! [and foie gras]

That's it really... just say NO to bullies of any kind whether it's Biffo Brian Cowen or the Grey-suited Euro- minions!

Honestly ... the CHEEK of them!

We have Cowen in Brussels apologising for the stupid ill-informed Irish people who voted against the treaty in their droves, and we have the other 26 member states who now say Europe will go ahead and ratify the treaty REGARDLESS of whatever the Irish have decided. [That's ILLEGAL isn't it, sweetie?]

It is totally unacceptable and we cannot allow them to get away with this undemocratic, unlawful and potentially dangerous strategy.

Mr Cowen and a lot of the people I have been talking to recently just don't see that NO means NO regardless of WHY they voted that way.

How could you possibly know exactly why each person voted no? I assume some were swayed by the many and various no campaigns. But the electorate are perfectly entitled to vote whatever way they wish, and for whatever reason...

Who knew? ... duh... It's called DEMOCRACY, amigos!

At any rate - unless you asked each voter to say why they voted as they did, you could never claim to explain it and, therefore, Europe could never address 'the Irish question'.

For all we know, the majority of voters refused to support the Lisbon Treaty because they read my blog and were swept along by my Svengali-like photo and impeccably logical 'De-centralise Europe' argument!

How dare our politicians presume to know why individuals voted against it - or that we just go along with any one's uber-spin!!

Could it also conceivably have been that the average non-red-wine-swilling man and woman has had enough of struggling to buy groceries and petrol? Or paying their ever-increasing mortgage [all the while suspecting it is dictated by the Bundesbank and others]?

Could it be they felt this might be their LAST CHANCE to voice their opinion on a United States of Europe? Neutrality? Weapons of Mass Distraction?

It certainly looks as though it WAS our last chance to voice our opinions!
They didn't have referenda anywhere else.

WE probably won't be asked again either!

No, No. The euro-minions will undoubtedly change the laws on treaty ratification tout de suite to brush this silly little Irish blip under the carpet.

I can just hear his next conversation in Brussels with the President of the United States of Europe [USE]-

"More foie gras Herr Cowen? It's goose-liver, vous-savez? Force-fed til they burst... heh heh... serr serr gutt!
... Excuse me un moment. I hear the farmers and the drivers outside on the barricades...

"Benito! ... Release the hounds! ...

"Sorry, Biffo... That'll show the f*ckers! ... Now... where were we, darlink? ...

"Ach Ja... FORCE-FEED them til they exPLODE ! ...

"We really must stop all the merry-making and crack on, Biff.
I have McCain in 10 minutes! ... [Brian Cowen: "Oven chips, your Highness?"]

"Nein, Nein, Mr Potato-head... the next 'Leader of the Free World' - he wants Europe to send troops into Iran" ...

[Cowen: "Dancing troupes, your Excellency? Can I join? ... I have a little accordion... ]

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