Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Mother's Love...

Today is the 21st anniversary of my mother's death. We were very close. Although i write a lot of poetry, i discovered last year just before the 20th anniversary that i had never written a poem about her or her passing away - i suppose some people are too close for poetry writing or maybe i was always in a kind of shock to express myself clearly.

So, i sat down and wrote just to see what may come... Here it is... I hope you find something there for you too-


20 years after your death in 1987
I put pen to paper for the very first time.

I can barely imagine just how hard it must have been for you
To finally let go, that night, in your bed.

Your loved-ones have suffered great trauma and sadness
But those memories dimmed now we honour your life.


I love you so much and with utter devotion,
So grateful for everything you have given and taught me:

Be gentle and strong, live a good life, remember
your spirit - your True Nature - has always been pure.

Like an old 'cine' movie with bright colours fading,
A shining example, we remember your life.


You were always so loving and I was so selfish
But positive karma brought me into your home.

This one human life is so precious and rare.
I'm determined not to waste it - I promise you that.

I'll live it with love and compassion, rejoicing,
In great equanimity - these 4 sentinels in mind.


I've day-dreamed of finding your reincarnation,
Loving and caring for them as you did for me.

But a more fitting tribute and commemoration
Would be to love all beings everywhere like each one was you,

As if each were my baby, and I was their mammy,
With the love of a mother, with all of my heart.

June 2007

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  1. Sniff.. thats wonderful. Your writings inspire my day.