Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Karadzic the Healer... OMG ! ... LOL!

Captured Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic practised alternative medicine under false ID while living in Belgrade, Serb officials say.

Here he is, posing as Dr Dragan Dabic the alternative medicine practitioner of 'energy' healing.

Apparently, Karadzic was living quite an open life in full public view - even appearing on Serbian TV and radio as something of an expert on healing.
Not only that, but it is widely believed that it was known in certain official circles who he really was all along.

BBC Newsnight tonight blandly asserted that Karadzic and other leaders were allowed to disappear from view, to maintain the peace of this war-torn region, by the Americans and the British who were steering NATO forces at the time.
In the main evening news on RTE a commentator even went so far as to claim Serbia has offered him up at this particular time because they want to gain full membership of the EU and were presented with a to do list by European overlords. First came a new Serb President and government in recent weeks and now - hey presto! - Karadzic is miraculously found.

He will now be sent to The Netherlands to face trial for genocide and war crimes.
These charges will contain the infamous massacre at Srebrenica, for which he is widely accepted to be responsible in 1995, and where 8000 Bosnian men and boys were rounded up, shot dead, and dumped in mass graves. It was towards the 'endgame' and 'final solution' of the Serbian-Bosnian civil war during the catastrophic breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

He bragged at the time on TV news that he could not be touched by the world as he was always protected under heavily armed guard.

Since then he has been in 'hiding' in remote parts of Serbia and more recently in Belgrade, with only a heavy beard and hippy top-knot hairdo to protect him, living a Walter-Mitty-like existence in full view of his supporters and his critics who are tonight protesting and celebrating in equal measure in the streets of the Serb capital.

What a coward and a fraud !

His right hand man, Ratko Mladic [pictured here] is also much sought after as part of the same Euro-Serbian white-wash agenda and is allegedly close to being turned over too.

So, darlings, beware the next time you're getting your apartment feng-shui-ed or having a Himalayan herbal colonic irrigation.

It just might be him!

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