Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hello! Sawadi Krap! from you know where...

Just a few lines to keep in touch and share my flying visit to Thailand.
I am in Patong Beach, Phuket, again.
After working hard during the summer months at NUA, i have rewarded myself with a short break at the beach.

I had a great time in Bangkok, perhaps surprisingly, on the way down here, and will spend a few nights there on the way home.

But what I really came for is a bit of rest and relaxation, and to do some writing [which I have now completed].

It is a short story called In A Flat Dublin Accent. I've had it churning around in my mind for years now - fermenting and clarifying. So it was easy and quick to compose in the end. The first flow was very joyful and simple - even though the structure of the story hops around through various locations and times.
The topic is Bliss and Emptiness with a subtext of Old Habits Die Hard. It was written for radio, to be read - yes you guessed it - in a flat Dublin accent.
The style is a bit like Beckett and Joyce with some Porn thrown in for good measure - hey... it's a style... don't judge me LOL... at least not until you've heard it, in all its vaccuous filthy glory - or until you've walked a few miles in these shoes ! [Manolo's ... kitten heels... very retro-hetro, very Hanoi Fashion week].
If it doesn't get broadcast or read, well you've only the fascists to blame!

So that was the expected part of the trip.
But the un- expected part was,well... you know, really unexpected - i didn't see it coming at all.

Yesterday afternoon, I nearly drowned!
Yes, you heard me, d-rowned!!

I got out of my depth at the beach and was washed out by some big waves, and didn't have enough strength to swim back in past them.

Major panic stations darling - not a good look - especially on the bitchiest beach in the world, the kind of environment where a tiny fashion faux-pas, or some wayward hairy flab above the bikini-line could ruin your chances for the whole holiday... you'd never live it down!

So, you can barely imagine what drowning would do for your reputation. I mean washing up on the sand all dead and everything, drama queens screeching and running about.

ANYWAY, I didn't die. [Thank Buddha!]

Seriously though, it was very hard work but I had to swim parallel to the waves, along the beach, til I came to an area that was not so rough, then i swam in and dragged my hairy ass out of that unforgiving ocean, panting, limbs like jelly, but head held high [never show the world you are in distress or have lost your composure - as me old ma used to say].

I'm quite sure absolutely nobody had the faintest idea anything had happened at all.

That's what blogs are for!

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