Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Unwinking Gaze

This is a new documentary film about HH Dalai Lama and the future of Tibet.
It appears to be a film like no other before.
The director got unprecedented access for 4 years and it really shows in the end result which is extremely insightful, polished, and sometimes shocking.
Instead of using voice-over to move the documentary along or to give background details, the camera is simply switched on and events unfold as we follow HHDL going about his increasingly difficult job as Tibet's Spiritual and Political leader.

The film is filled with wonderful teachings for those who have the ears to hear.
It is populated with the most incredible array of teachers who float in and out of the main events - many famous Rinpoches are instantly recognisable and it is so precious and curious an opportunity to see them so close and so involved in developments.

You can learn more about The Unwinking Gaze on its own website here.

i am intrigued by this project and look forward to actually seeing the whole thing soon - though i could not purchase one successfully from their site.

HH Dalai Lama states quite clearly - as he has been doing for some time now [not so much in public but within his private discussions and semi-private teachings] - things in Tibet have gone from bad to worse and it is only a matter of time before Tibet and its culture is erased by the Chinese.

Unfortunately, HHDL also stressed that, rightly or wrongly, people have unrealistic expectations of him and his power to save Tibet.

Dalai Lama has repeatedly said he has no incling whatsoever about if or where he might reincarnate and he may not come back at all. It has always been a major concern that his reincarnation, like that of the Panchen Lama, could be abducted, or murdered, or at least manipulated by the Chinese. The question would then be, Who will lead Tibetan Buddhists if there is no Dalai Lama?

Bearing in mind all that background, here is a very brief but extraordinary clip from The Unwinking Gaze, in which HHDL speaks firmly and directly with HH Karmapa and the young Ling Rinpoche...

The fact that such a mind-blowing scene is captured on film at all is great testimony indeed to the importance and timeliness of this documentary. It is also a clear sign from His Holiness that we are entering into yet darker, more degenerated times for Tibet and Buddhism in general - there is no hiding it and we must be quite open about facing and averting these negative circumstances.

On the other hand, Buddhism is taking strong roots in the West. It could even be said that Buddhism is flourishing here.

Combined with the current zeitgeist of Tibet Awareness campaigns - and films like this - hopefully all is by no means lost.

On the contrary. My most heartfelt prayer today is that we in the West become perfect vessels for these extraordinarily precious teachings, that Tibet will indeed become free, and that HH Dalai Lama will be reborn into the best circumstances to teach and inspire beings, and to continue to lead them to full enlightenment.

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