Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just in case you were not aware, you may be interested to know that my earlier blog on this subject has generated some comments from those wishing to defend animal experimentation or refute the ongoing claims being made against TCD and others.

You might like to re-read my original blog, and then read the comments it solicited.

I have replied publicly to every comment i received and this [quoted below] is my latest attempt to bring peace and clarity to the debate. I hope it is helpful. Do let me know what YOU think...

The Campaign against TCD is NARA's, not mine.
It was championed by John Banville in the press.
I wrote a blog supporting his outrage and in defense of animal rights.

Therefore, i do not have sources to quote regarding the original claims.
However, i quoted or linked to the details of the NARA accusation and Banvilles's letter to the Irish Times, in which THEIR sources are cited, IN MY ORIGINAL BLOG.

Please read the blog again, see for yourself, and gain some little insight into the redundant heated debate you are trying to conduct with me.

The phrase 'One-million -to-One' used in my blog, incidentally, is an idiom NOT A STATISTIC, and presumably does not need to have its sources quoted.
That is also clear in my original post.

So, you see, I don't actually HAVE an argument that needs defending or sources that need revealing.

The point i make throughout is neither a crusade nor a nasty letter-writing campaign.

It is a spiritual exhortation, a prayerful aspiration - older than the hills -

May all beings be free from suffering.

May the Wisdom and Compassion of those who inflict suffering flourish and grow.

May we all attain lasting happiness together in this very moment.

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