Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Power of One

Minority Thai protesters have won the day and proven the Power of One.
The ordinary people of Bangkok used non-violent protest as a last resort to combat political corruption and occupied their busy airport.
As a result, Prime Minister Somchai has been removed from office and his entire party was disbanded.
Against all odds, and fuelled by their just cause, a tiny minority of the population have completely altered the path of their country for the better.
This breakthrough may only bring temporary respite to Thailand however. Although Mr Somchai and his corrupt coalition have been ousted from government, it is apparent today that they have already reformed under new party names and will soon try to regain political control of the country.

Ignoring the real political nature of the story in Thailand, most news media barely scraped the surface and shamefully reported it as mere travel news.
The main thrust of their scandalous reportage was the disruption and inconvenience caused to British and American tourists who were stranded.
There was almost no mention of the gentle Thai protesters who, in a way, were also stranded there for the duration and spent much of their time and energy singing songs and offering their stash of food to hungry tourists.
The disrespectful comments of upset travellers were given precedence over the voices of the Thai people.
In one TV report, a middle-aged American gentleman sitting on his luggage complained bitterly,
"Have you any idea of the tens of thousands of people whose plans you’ve screwed up? Tomorrow is a real big holiday in the States [Thanksgiving] and many people will miss it because of some cockamamie little protest that you’ve got going.
We won't be coming back to Thailand again."

As usual the Universe saw the bigger picture.
The night sky rejoiced at the protesters' gentle triumph and, as this photo testifies, the moon offered Bangkok a cosmic smile.

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  1. Thank heavens I found another blog with the right understanding of what's going on here in Thailand. (Believe me there are not many!)

    To all tourists/business people out there who'd been effected by the standoff at the Thai airport, we're really sorry. However, we're trying to 'clean up' our 'home' and it's been a very difficult job when the guys living on our tax money refuse to add 'morals and ethics' to their dictionary. That's why some drastic measures have been taken.