Friday, February 13, 2009

Bad News and Good from Samsara!

Haven't blogged for ages. Thought i should get back into it today...

Returned from Taipei to my beautiful island in the sun and sweltering temperatures of 27 at night and thirty-something by day - a welcome change from freezing Taiwan! Noticed that there were many Taiwanese over here when i arrived... can't say i blame them!

But i also received terrible news from home. My good friend Ciarán [Kiki] died. He was found dead in his bed and the circumstances seem mysterious to say the least. He was beautiful and only 25 years old. He had just been appointed to a lecturing job in the Irish Dept. at UCD, moved into his new apartment, and was recently awarded the highest honour for any Sean Nós singer - the Corn Uí Ríada. He seemed happy, and had his his whole life ahead of him. It still seems quite impossible to find out what happened to him at this stage.

So i got back to my routine of writing in the mornings and swimming in the afternoons as soon as possible. But even on the beach i am reminded of all those who perished there in the tsunami.

The Tibetans have a daily reminder to keep there minds focussed on what is important -

Death is real. It comes without warning. This body will be a corpse.

I decided to take a long boat trip around the tiny islands dotted to the north of Phuket. It was a wonderful experience.

Then i hopped over to Singapore for a weekend - you know, the way you do...

Saw this dragon at a street party for the end of the Chinese New Year period.

Went walk-about with a friend, Bert [number 7] through Chinatown's many markets and eateries.

Snapped these happy families in a huge colonial upstairs restaurant where we ate.

This was the view from my bedroom window. I thought it perfectly encapsulated Singapore's great mixing pot of old and new, east and west.

I also managed to meet new people and sample the bar scene... although, i must say, it is a bit of a blur.

Went to the famous Raffles Hotel and had the obligatory cocktail - a Singapore Sling, of course.

I can hardly believe that this snowy scene is actually my winter garden back home in Ireland!

Never mind, eh? Chin up. Me and my lovely new Thai friend, Ronald Mc [pictured above], send you the warmest of good wishes from Patong Beach, Phuket.


  1. Thank you for your news, stories and wisdom. I am thinking of you and your dear friend. Love and blessings from thawing Glasgow lcx

  2. Thank you so much. Home to Ireland on the 23rd and hopefully i'll be able to find out what happened to Kiki. A big Dublin HOWIYA! from Bangkok. Bruno