Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring is here! Another season, another change, another year.

I have been home in Ireland for a week already. I can't believe it. I miss Thailand and my laid back routine there. I miss the people i met in Phuket, especially my friend Teddy. But already i am planning and scheming how and when i will be able to go back again. Why are we never satisfied?
But, i love my home and my life in Ireland. It was a thrill to go into my garden again, with Jessye the wonderdog running around my feet, only to see the most beautiful daffodil blossoming before my very eyes - the first flower of Spring!
Somehow, i've managed to keep up my writing too. Buddha's Favourite Words is really taking shape now. I posted online the first few contemplations i wrote. if you would like to read them or share them with others click here

Now that i am home, i am also very mindful of my good friend Kiki who passed away while i was gone. His death occurred a month ago today and we, his friends, are still none the wiser about what happened to him. How precarious life is. What an wonderful young man he was.

But life must go on and we just celebrated the 60th birthday of another great friend, Micheál from Derry. A large group of his friends headed over to Paris for the weekend to party with him. We had a fun time together and took over an entire restaurant on Saturday night where we ate, drank and sang songs way into the wee small hours. Sometimes, you just have to let go of all introspection and blow off steam.
Granted the last thing myself and my partner needed at this time was another holiday. But Paris in the Springtime proved irresistible.

The weather was incredible all day Saturday. Blue skies, everybody in their chic attire down by the Seine, and [yummm, our favourite] camembert sandwiches at a sunny sidewalk café.
It all conspired to make you feel glad to be alive - more precious memories to treasure, and a divine exhortation to rejoice in the magnificent present moment!

Before i left Phuket, Teddy snapped this photo. The truth of that and every moment is written all over my face...

Breathing in, I rejoice in the present moment.

Breathing out, I let it go.

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