Monday, April 27, 2009

Tibetan State Oracle on Climate Crisis and Compassion

A couple of years ago i was extremely blessed to become friends with Nechung Kuten Rinpoche, the medium for the State Oracle of Tibet. We met by accident - if such a thing is possible - on a beach in Goa, India! [i blogged here about that and later encounters]

We spent an afternoon swimming and eating - no reference to who he is or what he does, although we both knew i knew [if you know what i mean] - followed by an evening meeting i had insisted upon so we could talk about Dharma.

Kuten-la was extremely generous with his time and energy especially after a long hot day.
I can't divulge what he told me that night, but it was all quite mind-boggling and - i must say - totally confirmed for me that i was on the right path [and there are NO accidents in life whatsoever].

He arranged for me to visit him in Dharamsala, India in March 2008, and go to Gyuto Monastery to begin to learn their ancient deep chanting style - which is sadly now in danger of decline.

Every so often, ever since we first met, he pops into my head. The experience serves to bring me back to the beauty of the present moment, and i am once again inspired to meditate on the spot.

Today, while aimlessly surfing YOUTUBE i clicked and skipped through an ocean of fascinating [mostly mundane] nonsense when suddenly THERE HE WAS AGAIN ! ... moving and speaking on my computer...

Nechung Kuten Rinpoche, the medium of the State Oracle of Tibet, was speaking via YouTube from 2007 USA about Climate Change, Global Warming and Compassion.

If you would like to hear how Buddhist teachings are insightfully applied to the global crises we have collectively brought upon ourselves [thanks to the ego-mind] you can begin by watching the first of five clips here

If you become as interested as i know you will in Kuten-la, you might like to follow up by checking out this site where you will find 2 documentaries about him.

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