Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Living Matrix

This is a new film documentary that is deeply rooted in the very latest findings of cutting-edge scientific research. Not surprisingly, but rather thrillingly, The Living Matrix confirms some of the Buddha's discoveries made over 2500 years ago.

When the Buddha became enlightened - ie fully awakened to the true nature of reality - central to his revelatory experience was that it is the mind that creates the body [and not the other way round]. The Buddha's actual words were:

'We are what we think. With our thoughts, we make the world'

Perhaps the most astonishingly revolutionary aspect of this ultimate truth is that consciousness [pure awareness] is constantly creating all phenomena. The 'reality' perceived by any one individual has been created by them. Each one of us, therefore, is capable of creating heaven or hell on earth. This holds true for both inside and outside the individual's body; we create our own body, our health, our world.

The Living Matrix film is primarily concerned with those emerging scientific discoveries that speak primarily about the human body and how its health and well-being emanate directly from the mind itself. Therefore, the most effective healing the body could ever experience is not related to medicine, it posits, but to the pure intention of the mind itself.

Of course the Buddha went much further in his voyage of personal discovery, and science will no doubt catch up eventually. The Buddha's awakening enabled him to experience how the mind has created everything that is - and the mind has created each phenomenon in a subtle web of inter-connectedness [inter-being] with everything else. Furthermore, the Buddha found there is no separation whatsoever between the consciousness of one being and another. Because of their common essence, known as the Buddha Nature, all beings are one.

Meanwhile back at the cosmic ranch, I must say The Living Matrix movie is quite exquisite, if a bit dense in science. But then it has to be really, doesn't it, if it is to be truly convincing as a bona fide piece of scientific discovery.

I strongly recommend this documentary if it shows anywhere near you. It will probably be somewhere quite underground for now. You may only hear about it by word of mouth. I saw it tonight in a small room, in a small-ish hotel, in Dublin. I heard about it from a friend online and might just as easily not have made the effort to go see it. I'm so glad I did.

My heart-felt prayer tonight is this...

May all beings awaken to the limitless power of their true nature.
May we all unleash the immeasurable forces of healing, wisdom and compassion,
And bring about the greatest of all transformations both for ourselves and others.

Please enjoy the official movie website here for more detail and scientific background,

And the movie trailer -


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