Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I first met Mooji some years ago when a good friend, Dennis, invited me to meet his spiritual teacher who was visiting Dublin. Mooji was born in Jamaica and lives in a Council flat in Brixton, London. I was immediately struck by his presence.
Coming to this encounter from a Buddhist background, I recognised him straight away as the'real deal' - an awakened master.

Mooji didn't just realise his own true nature without effort. He spent many years living in retreat in India with his own master the peerless Papaji, exploring and training in the ancient Hindu lineage of Advaita. Papaji is accepted by all who know of him as a true saint, an enlightened being, second only to his master, the legendary Shri Ramana Maharshi.

The authenticity of this Advaita lineage is evidenced by those who have clearly attained liberation through it. It begins with profound inquiry called Satsang. Led by the master, students focus their minds on the investigation 'Who am I?'
It is thanks to the master's great skill and guidance that the conversation is constantly moving in a revelatory direction. The master's job is to embody, and point to, the true nature of mind which lies beyond all superficial identifications such as me, my and I.
Just like the highest teachings in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Dzogchen and Mahamudra, the investigative path of Advaita brings those who are ripe for it directly to the heart of who we really are, beyond birth, beyond death, beyond all concepts.
It is said that only after the inquiry, Satsang, has born fruit can we genuinely engage in the path of meditation.

Mooji is a precious gem, luminous and rare indeed. He teaches and conducts Satsang in many countries including Ireland. Soon he will be in Galway. You can enjoy his website, which also contains his teaching schedule, on www.mooji.org

Advaita, like all true spiritual traditions, quickly moves out of the realm of this religion or that. It recognises that the truth they all contain is the SAME truth. Thus Mooji navigates with ease and fluidity towards that truth making use of concepts like Buddha Nature, Atman, Soul, God, Angel as and when it is most useful.

Please enjoy this most wonderful clip from YouTube:



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