Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 Young Tibetans Executed by Chinese

It is with a heavy heart i write of the sad news that 4 of the young Tibetans who were arrested last year by the Chinese following the uprising in Lhasa were executed two days ago on October 20.

Regular readers of this blog may remember that i was in studying at Gyuto monastery in Dharamsala last year when the riots and protests were happening both in India and, of course, in Tibet itself.

You can find those previous blog entries by searching the list of topics at the side of this page.

Not only was the original Chinese invasion of Tibet practically unreported, along with the Tibetan uprising at that time, but last year's uprising was also largely unreported. As it unfolded there was eventually a total news blackout.

The four young people who have recently been executed were, of course, not the rebellion's leaders. But they were tried and convicted as such and doubtlessly spent the last year in the harshest goulag being starved and tortured to near death.

You can read the brief statement of the Tibetan Government in Exile regarding the executions here. In fact there are two news stories you can read there by clicking on the headlines of each.

But i would simply like to pay tribute to the four by publishing three of the four names that are known at present... May they have found natural great peace and may their reincarnation be a happy one.

Those executed have been identified as:

Lobsang Gyaltsen, aged 27, born in Lhasa

Loyak, aged 25, of Tashi Khang, Shol Township, Lhasa and

aged 21, born in Sakya County.

The identity of the fourth person is still unknown.

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