Friday, October 23, 2009

Yogis of Tibet

According to experts, perhaps the best thing that Tibet has to offer the world is the purity and depth of its meditation tradition. But in recent years that tradition has all but become extinct inside Tibet.

Tibetan Buddhism is undergoing a kind of flourishing in the West wherever it has taken root, thanks to certain great masters. but those masters are the last of their kind it is said.

Flourishing though it is in the West, Tibetan Buddhist meditation remains strong only at the beginner-intermediate practitioner levels. The most advanced practices have yet to emerge in the West, depending as they do on the evolution of advanced Western practitioners.
Hopefully, it is not too late and meditators in our part of the world will realise full enlightenment, thus embodying the fruition of the richest practices available within the vast tradition of Tibet.
However, inside Tibet, these particular advanced practices have all but died out due mainly to the concerted efforts of the Chinese purge of Tibet.

If the above clip whets your appetite for seeing more of that documentary, please enjoy the whole thing on googlevideo here.

I am ever mindful of the fact that these Tibetan yogis have actually broken silence about the specifics of these secret tantric practices because they are convinced that all knowledge of them may well die out with the practitioners themselves who are sharing their incredible personal stories on screen. It is a rare and precious document of a secret tradition near extinction.

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