Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Never give in to bullies!

When i was a small boy, my mother used to pray for the conversion of Russia and China. Nowadays, the very idea that a communist dictatorship would be in any way improved by converting to Roman Catholicism seems laughable... They're all just bullies - extremely powerful, but dangerous control freaks nonetheless.

Last week started with the communist military junta in Burma indicating that Aung San Suu Kyi would not be released from her ongoing 'house arrest' until some time in November AFTER the elections have taken place.

Then, on the same day, we had the communist party of China AND the Roman Catholic Church both making fools of themselves on the world stage yet again.

The Chinese have threatened U.S President Obama with serious repercussions if his planned meeting with HH Dalai Lama goes ahead. Who the hell do they think they are?! As if taking Tibet 50 years ago, without any opposition whatsoever, wasn't enough now the Chinese expect to dictate everything that happens in world politics including who meets who. The really sad thing is they will probably continue to get away with this kind of stunt. WE have allowed this situation to arise by not standing up to bullies in the first place. Every country is so afraid of China's nuclear and military might, and its growing economic prowess, that China appears to get whatever they want. This is nothing more complicated than an overblown bully taking other kids' lunch money unchallenged.
The Roman Catholic Church has gone largely unchallenged too, for millenia! In recent decades, Cardinal Ratzinger ran the show from behind the scenes. A German uber-conservative dogmatician, he has been behind all the RC Church's right-wing policies for as long as anyone can remember. The ultimate insult is perhaps that this rothweiler bigot received the highest possible in-house promotion when he was appointed Pope. This shameless validation has elevated him to such a high status that he can now do and say whatever he wants. If they're not careful, Pope Benedict will completely destroy the Church.

Despite Ratzinger possibly being gay himself - there have always been rumours - he now feels so confident as a bully that he has decided to interfere in British politics too. The UK is in the process of ratifying an 'Equal Status' Law and one of the many consequences will be that homosexuals can nolonger be discriminated or even spoken out against by any sub-section of society. This means that the RC Church could soon be prosecuted for its homophobic and hateful incitements. The Pope has sounded the battle cry by urging all priests to speak out against the new legislation with 'missionary zeal'. What a tragic world they must inhabit. How sad is the bully who kicks out at REAL authority when it finally steps in. Pres. Obama recently announced that he was going to overturn the vile legislation against gays in the US military. However, i don't see Herr Ratzinger going up against that particular might... Is that because the US military and its woeful foreign policy of late is an even bigger bully than the Church? Or, is it because the Pope knows he cannot control the American RC priests fully and might be hard pressed to get them to speak out and preach the 'party line' on anything conservative these days?

Dictatorships are soon to be a thing of the past whether they are military, political or so-called religious. If we can just stand up to them for a few decades more we will have our just rewards soon enough. The world is changing. People nolonger believe in IDEOLOGIES. We nolonger blindly follow leaders and their half-baked, self-serving dogmas.

Although the planet may be dying, people are just beginning to wake up to the truth about things. We may actually manage to avert the global crisis of climate change, but one thing is for sure... all venomous, bullying dictators beware! Hear this, you nearly-extinct dinosaurs! Your days are numbered! Pretty soon both you and the shameful, secretive regime you serve and protect will simply disappear forever!

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