Thursday, March 11, 2010

Announcing the first Dublin International Buddhist Film Festival !

It is with great great joy that i announce the 2010 first ever Dublin International Buddhist Film Festival!

It has long been a dream to be part of organising such an event and after trying hard for a few years to bring it about, with little or no success, an inspiration has dawned: Why not just keep it simple?

Inspired by the recent Bangkok International Buddhist Film Festival, and the elegantly simple organisational model they have adopted there, the first Buddhist Film Festival in Ireland is scheduled for September 2010.

But this festival project is not only about finally getting something going in Dublin - it is also about encouraging Buddhists everywhere, in every little place in every corner of the globe to adopt and adapt this beautifully simple festival model and produce something [no matter how modest] for themselves.

I am hoping at least that other towns
in Ireland can do it. But why not elsewhere in the world ... wherever Buddhists exist.

The idea is that [at least for the time being] Dublin will forget about trying in vain to convince The Arts Council and various cinemas to help us to have our film festival. We must, temporarily, forego our desire to screen actual film stock. We will settle for screening DVDs if it means our festival will certainly now go ahead.

The simple model we are espousing is to screen a handful of the finest Buddhist films and documentaries from around the world, ON DVD, which we can buy or rent for the occassion. Actually, we own them already as we are avid collectors.

The second, and very important, point is to establish a film 'CLUB' for the audience members to join, even if it's free or just costs something nominal like €1. This is really important because then the films are not being screened 'In Public' and we are therefore not breaking any laws.

By having a private, closed screening like this you can show whatever you like, to as many 'members' as you like, and at a minimal cost. Entrance could even be FREE OF CHARGE.

In Dublin, for example, we intend to screen to maybe 200+ people, perhaps 5 or 6 films and documentaries, over a single weekend. The festival, like any other International Film Fest., will have a curator, guest speakers, discussions etc etc. And the event will have a high profile in the press before and after. We will hopefully secure a small art-house cinema or high-tech university lecture theatre in the heart of the city. And above all festival members will be able to enjoy the whole thing FOR FREE.

So we whole-heartedly encourage Buddhist groups in other places to come together and enjoy their own film festival.

Our blog may serve as a hub for any such small festivals if they wish. But, at any rate, it will keep those interested informed about how we in Dublin are progressing.

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  1. Sounds great!

    Can you please send information as it is available and I will cross-list.

    Jon C.