Tuesday, March 2, 2010

back home in ireland...

Having arrived back home in Ireland yesterday morning, the first day of Spring, my mind is full of optimism for the future. Despite the current economic gloom, there is still a lot to look forward to.
My mind is also drawn back to review the past 3 months in Thailand...

The weather was really nice [and it was so good to avoid the bitter Irish winter entirely].
I made some new friends along the way especially in Bangkok and Phuket.
I discovered a thriving new Dharma scene for English-speaking practitioners - especially Theravada - in Bangkok called Little Bang www.littlebang.org
But the most important thing of all, perhaps, is that I continued to grow and learn more about myself and others. I have come back all the stronger for the experience.

The King of Thailand didn't pass away.
The revolution didn't happen.
And life goes on regardless, as usual.

The biggest piece of news I have to share is that I have finished writing and editing my book Buddha's Favourite Words.

It is a Dharma daily reader, full of contemplations on the very essence of the Buddha's teachings.
I am very much looking forward to publishing and sharing it, for the benefit of beings. It should be accessible and useful to beginners and more advanced students alike, both Buddhists and those who simply want to know more about the teachings of the Buddha.

I have already begun writing a collection of bed-time stories to be read to children. It will be called The Amazing Adventures of Kathleen!
The collection will be a tribute to my mother and all the childhood stories from her own life she told me. It will be a rather quaint, old-fashioned
book designed for reading TO children at bedtime. I thought that was a better idea because then I could use more advanced and beautiful vocabulary than a child could read for themselves at that age. I suppose it's a kind of revival of the old tradition of being read to at bed-time while you snuggle up and look at the pictures.
All the stories will have a wholesome, feel-good factor. And each one is infused with a sense of goodness that makes children want to be good too.
A return to innocence, perhaps.
Stories about a nice kid in a world gone mad, certainly.
An anti-anti-hero who is so fun yet so pure ['Kathleen' is an Irish language name meaning 'purity'] that children will love her from beginning to end and maybe even want to be like her.

So that's it for now. Hope to blog some more over the coming weeks, and might even include some extracts from both books.

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  1. While waiting for the extracts all the best! :)