Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Yogis of Tibet Reveal Their Secrets... but why?

Put very simply, a Yogi is a special kind of advanced meditator who uses particular movements of their physical body [Yoga] to bring about profound changes in the subtle-energy body.

This great transformation can actually lead to full spiritual awakening ... Enlightenment.

There are a couple of superb documentaries that include the most incredible archive footage of these 'secret' yogis.

The first and most famous of these is THE MESSAGE OF THE TIBETANS by Arnaud Desjardins. I find his commentary so inspiring and well-written, and the colour film footage which he shot himself is incredibly rare. You hardly realise the precious nature of what you are seeing as it sometimes looks like exotic holiday pictures.

The second docu-film I would recommend is called THE YOGIS OF TIBET. Both docus are easily gotten online through or

However, the big question is WHY the great yogis of Tibet are sharing these secrets with the world at this time? Why were they kept secret in the first place? And what has happened to force the yogis to reveal their hidden treasure now?

It seems that Tibet being occupied by China, and the subsequent virtual-annihilation of its spiritual culture altogether, are strong indicators of the Dark Age in which we now live. For fear that these yogic spiritual paths to enlightenment are lost forever, the yogis themselves have decided to have themselves filmed and documented for posterity, and have reluctantly [and uncharacteristically] allowed the uninitiated and the naive the chance to witness what could possibly be the swansong of a tradition of living saints on the verge of total extinction.

HERE is the first of 3 YouTube clips from Desjardins' Message of the Tibetans.

It is at once totally alien and inexplicably familiar... the yogis, their humanity, their hidden wisdom tradition.
But, at least for me, the final sequence of shots at the end of the THIRD clip is a heart-breaking revelation. We are suddenly face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with the most famous living and now-dead yogis of Tibet ever to be caught on film.
They appear before the camera to show a glimpse of the full potential of humanity ... complete buddhahood. Through them, we glimpse the Buddha Nature that pervades all.

They stare through the lens at us - across the decades and the strange foreign continents - as if to say Wake up. Wake up, baby-buddha. You have THE most profound happiness and well-being locked up deep within your true nature. Wake up, sweetheart. In fact you are not simply a buddha-to-be. You are ALREADY completely enlightened - Perfect in every way. So, nothing much to do but reveal your true nature both to yourself and others. Then work tirelessly for the awakening of all beings.
Enlightenment can begin IN THIS VERY MOMENT, with our next breath or the next mindful movement of this strange but useful shell we call 'my body'.