Saturday, July 3, 2010


Our little dog Jessye passed away yesterday evening aged 17. She had a wonderful life here with us but actually gave us so much more in return.

They say that the true meaning of life is revealed to us in every moment, and often in the most unexpected ways, provided we are open enough to understanding it.
And just like a buddha manifesting for our benefit, Jessye taught us day after day her entire life.

The most important thing we learned from her was that human hearts are made to be open, and that love is meant to flow unconditionally and impartially.
We also learned how natural it is to let down your guard and receive unconditional love too. Just as we doted on her and really loved her, Jessye showered us with a multitude of blessings every day.
When she was well, she was so full of life it became infectious and we rejoiced in the fun and excitement of her generous spirit.
And when she was sick, our hearts naturally and effortlessly went out to care for her.
We knew then, instinctively, that the whole object of life is to broaden out the scope of that love and compassion until it embraces all beings, everywhere, without exception.

Not only little Jessye, but all the dogs we shared our lives with over the years - Benjamin, Sebastian and Georgie too - they all taught us the same life lessons over and over.
Not least of which is living proof [if proof were needed] of the essential truth of the Buddha's teachings on Impermanence and Karma:

  • Everything that exists is subject to change and decay, so best to rejoice in it while the going is good without clinging or fear.
  • Whatever actions you do will have far-reaching consequences, so the best way to be in the world is with unselfish love and courageous compassion.

Oh the wisdom you can learn from one little dog!
Although there is pain and grief right now, even that too will pass away.
We rejoice in the memory of every miraculous moment we shared - not bothered in the slightest that some people may think us quite mad...

Whether it appears in the guise of large or small packages, love is love and truth is truth.
You live and learn.