Monday, August 23, 2010

The Raoul Moat Tapes: TV Documentary on Channel 4

British TV station Channel 4 broadcast an extraordinary documentary last week about Raoul Moat based on voice recordings he made of his own thoughts in recent years.

The recordings are, as we now know, an incredibly insightful glimpse of the slow decline into that paranoid delusional state which ultimately led to murder and his own tragic suicide.

I have written about the case while it was happening and on the day it all ended so disgustingly - in a field at night time, in the pouring rain, surrounded by police marksmen.

But i was particularly struck - when watching the TV documentary - how so many of the ideas i had been contemplating in my blog about Moat [and his at that time quite unknown background] were so close to the truth.

To watch the archive playback [if it is available in your region] please click HERE  any time in the next 24 days.