Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Living Saints, Freedom, and Longing to Liberate Others...

Oh Happy Day! Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty she's free at last!

Watching the incredible footage that emerged over recent days of Aung San Suu Kyi walking to freedom, so many things arose within me that i thought i had better take it all in, and process it a little longer before writing a single word about it.

I am developing a strong understanding that this woman had never really been imprisoned at all. Somehow - maybe due to her own spiritual awakening - she had always profoundly realised that we are all completely free to the core, already, no matter what circumstances arise.
As i watched Suu Kyi march along her garden path, there was a certain determined quality about her dignified strut that made me realise this incredible being is none other than a living saint.

As i watched her rise up from behind her garden gates and start to speak to the assembled crowd, i felt a curious mix of 'Oh Please Suu ... don't say anything too critical of the military or they'll imprison you again straight away', and 'How do you do it!? You look so amazingly fresh and calm. You seem to have no ego whatsoever and just want to work for the freedom of others!'

Ringu Tulku Rinpoché
And then this link arrived in my email ... http://www.bodhicharya.org/blog/2010/11/12/the-general-benefit-of-bodhichitta-1st-chapter-stanza-6/

It was the next installment of Ringu Tulku Rinpoché's online teachings.
Gradually all was revealed and my ponderings were completely answered.

A living saint - Buddhist or otherwise - is characterised by a deep longing to bring others to the ultimate freedom ... an end to all the suffering of the mind.

I hope you enjoy this teaching and it inspires you to greater and greater random acts of human kindness and boundless loving compassion.