Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas Every One!

In a world where the President of Sudan lodges 6 BILLION Dollars to his personal foreign bank accounts [while his people in Darfur languish in fear and starvation]...

In a world where we don't cherish or follow our wise and compassionate saints and Bodhisattvas...

We tell our children a seemingly endless compound of lies about the true nature of reality:
  • If you work hard in school and university you will be successful and only then will you be happy
  • People will admire you more if you win TV's X FACTOR than if you are simply a 'good' person
  • Santa is the only modern saint worth your respect as he has dedicated his life to making the whole world happy for one day per year
Between the recession and the snow, the christmas madness and the general mayhem, I really want to take this opportunity to put a smile on your face by sharing with you a short personal story from my own past.

No no no... it's not about the first time I went into a gay bar when I was a teenager!

Nor is it about the time I had my first real kiss. It was at an all-boys school, on the wrong side of the tracks in Dublin. It was with the homophobic bully who tried in vain to destroy me, but secretly longed to love me.

Rather it was an autumnal afternoon. Picture it...
My first week as an undergrad student at Trinity College Dublin.
I was overjoyed to finally have escaped the brutality of the wild western suburbs and had just stumbled across that hallowed university's Gay Society meeting rooms. The proceedings were in full swing. I'd say now - looking back on it all - that it was a blissfully liberating experience: a cross between Brideshead Revisited and Glee

Thank Buddha I managed to capture it all on video camera!

Merry Christmas Darlings!
Every Happiness in the New Year!