Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring is coming [to a flowerpot near me]!

Good morning, darlings!

Today is the 1st day of February. And in Ireland that means that Spring is here! [Well... even if it's not quite here yet it IS just around the corner]
I often feel the trick is to KNOW [deep in your heart] in the very depths of Winter that Spring will surely come again.
The above photo was taken in my garden during the recent big snow. Just as the thaw was setting in, we were gently reminded that  the Buddha and the beautiful little flowers around it had merely been obscured by the snow. Just like our own Buddha Nature, the reality that lies beneath appearances had not disappeared but was merely obstructed from view. Once revealed [or even remembered] there is only one thing to do... REJOICE!

So it is with a happy heart and a knowing smile that i sit here today. Typing and looking out my windows, i rejoice!
The gorgeous square in front of our house is very very green and new leaves and buds are starting to appear once more. Even at night - when we look out across the lamplit square, hoping to catch a glimpse of the urban fox who passes through and dines al fresco on the gourmet scraps that my beautiful M leaves under the nearest tree for her - there is a feeling of freshness, newness and big changes-a-comin'.

Who knows what Change will bring? 

I recently sat down to write about spiritual matters [you know... the way you do LOL!] and found myself writing the first chapter of a thriller novel instead!

After listening to the Sunday morning radio with M a few weeks ago, i emailed one of the guest speakers to congratulate him on a really inspiring discussion on the Philosophy of Religion [right up my street!]. Yesterday i got a reply from him with an invitation to guest lecture on Buddhist Philosophy at University College Dublin!

Starting to feel that tiny bit older - both myself and M - and mindful that our next birthdays bring us closer to another important chapter of our lives together [maybe living and working part-time in Asia], i open my email this morning to read a press release announcing the long-awaited first proper visit of HH Dalai Lama to the Republic of Ireland... The confirmed dates are April 13 and 14... my birthday, followed by M's birthday!

Included in the email [copied and pasted below this post] is a beautiful personal letter to the Irish people from HHDL that tantalisingly encourages us to embrace change:  
Our world is in turmoil but this also provides an opportunity for true transformation towards peace, justice and happiness if we show courage and hope.

Today, also, i look out to the Eastern sun shining on our back garden and the meditation cube that we call the Zendo seems to have a golden glow that calls Oh stop writing and over-thinking everything, you over-analysing eejit! Come out here, into Nature's fresh embrace. Bear witness to the spring bulbs poking their first shoots above the soil. See how the pond shimmers and touch the sticky new leaf buds on the Japanese maples. Wrap up though. It is still cold. But breathe in the newness - right down to the bottom of your lungs. Exhale deep Love for all beings that they may soon be released from all dissatisfaction.

So it is, with a heart-mind overflowing with all the great possibilities of change, that i write briefly these reflections...

The first day of Spring is also my mother's birthday and so i have always associated this time not with the grief of her passing away when i was still quite young but with the day she was born.
Mammy passed out of her mother's womb and was loved and nurtured such that she later went on to give birth to 9 children of her own [of which i was the last]. She was such an incredible human being and spiritual teacher although she rarely left her tiny house in Ballyfermot.

If Spring is all about giving birth, loving and nurturing, then that is what i want to pray for today:

May all beings be loved and nurtured; may we be their mothers.
May they live on a planet that is cared for and cherished.
May the people of Ireland recover from this terrible economic crash.
May we have political leadership that loves and nurtures like a mother does.
May the struggling peoples across the whole Earth find the path to Peace, Compassion, and Wisdom!
May their rebellions be non-violent and spring from a 'quiet revolution of the heart' rather than a position of hatred and fear.
As they march in the streets, may they also rise up against the tyranny of Delusion and overthrow the fascist dictatorship of Attachment  and Aversion ... for once and for all.
May we all, in that case, march with them and sweep this world completely clean - revealing the great truth and natural beauty of what lies beneath! 

Dalai Lama says ‘vast possibilities are available to the people of Ireland’ in advance of April visit
Speaking in advance of an April visit to Ireland, Nobel Peace Laureate and exiled Tibetan Leader the Dalai Lama has today delivered a message to the people of Ireland in which he calls for people to demonstrate courage and hope.  
“Our world is in turmoil but this also provides an opportunity for true transformation towards peace, justice and happiness if we show courage and hope.” he said in the message which can be viewed in full on the new website http://www.possibilities.ie
The Dalai Lama’s message comes ahead of his April 13th – 14th visit, which is in support of the new POSSIBILITIES 2011 social change initiative, which is being launched by 3 non-profit organisations; Children in Crossfire, SpunOut.ie, and Afri.

“It is my hope that POSSIBILITIES 2011 will open up a space of dialogue, action and reflection and strengthen the realization that vast possibilities are available to the people of Ireland at this time.” said the Tibetan spiritual and political leader.

During his visit the Dalai Lama will deliver a talk entitled ‘A Call For Universal Responsibility’ at a major national Social Forum at the Citywest Hotel, Dublin on April 13th, which also includes Mary Robinson, the popular Irish music group Kila and other yet to be announced very special guests. He will then visit Kildare, in partnership with the Solas Bhríde Centre, where he will speak on ‘The Spirituality of Compassion’, before concluding his visit on Thursday April 14th with a talk entitled  ‘The Power of Forgiveness’ at the University of Limerick.

His visit, which is his 3rd to the Republic of Ireland (having visited in 1973 and 1991), follows a personal invitation from Derry man Richard Moore who the Dalai Lama describes as his personal hero.  In 1972, aged 10, Richard was blinded by a rubber bullet and years later he befriended the soldier who shot him. He has gone on to become a leading advocate for children through his Children in Crossfire international development organisation, of which the Dalai Lama is patron.

According to Richard, the Dalai Lama represents the type of progressive leadership that is badly needed in Ireland right now: “The Dalai Lama offers a deep wisdom to help us better understand and address the urgent and interconnected range of economic, social, political and environmental problems facing us today. He is someone respected by people from all walks of life, someone who can help us realise the real possibilities for change that exist in amongst all the tough times.”
More information on POSSIBILITIES 2011 and the Dalai Lama’s visit to Dublin, Kildare and Limerick, including ticket information, is available from www.possibilities.ie. Tickets go on sale for the POSSIBILITIES 2011 Social Forum tomorrow Wednesday February 2rd at 9am from Ticketmaster.ie and Ticketmaster outlets north and south.




His Holiness The 14th The Dalai Lama’s Message to the People of Ireland (via Office of Tibet )

“I am looking forward to visiting Ireland in April to participate in a range of events organized by Children in Crossfire, Afri and SpunOut.ie. I very much look forward to speaking in Dublin, Kildare and Limerick at events which I hope will help people realise their own potential, as well as the immense possibilities that exist for realising much needed personal, social and global change. It is my hope that POSSIBILITIES 2011 will open up a space of dialogue, action and reflection and strengthen the realization that vast possibilities are available to the people of Ireland at this time.

Our world is in turmoil but this also provides an opportunity for true transformation towards peace, justice and happiness if we show courage and hope.  As I have said before, I truly believe that individuals can make a difference in society and it is up to each of us to make the best use of our time to help create a happier and fairer world.
 It will be especially important to visit at a time when Ireland is facing serious turmoil, as is the world as a whole, grappling as it is with economic upheaval, climate change, and great and growing chasms between rich and poor.

I hope that my time in Ireland – in the company of my good friend and my hero Richard Moore – will contribute towards the building of a new civic and cultural force for change.”

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  1. What a beautiful post Bruno, thank you. It lifted my heart and made me smile! Also thanks to you keeping me informed, I have booked my ticket to see HHDL!