Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steve McCurry at The Gallery of Photography and Michie Sushi

Oh My Buddha!

Who says there's nothing to do and nowhere to go in Dublin these days?!
Well... it was probably me, actually LOL!
Ya know... in my new book, Dublin is SO OVER! [A Post-Modern Travel Guide for Über-Recessionistas]

Anyway. I've changed my mind and here's the latest news-
Finally... somewhere to go by yourself maybe mid-morning and see THE most incredible colour photographs in the world, followed by somewhere to go BY YOURSELF and eat THE MOST INCREDIBLE Japanese food in Ireland for lunch afterwards:

Steve McCurry at The Gallery of Photography, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar.

Michie Sushi up a back lane in Ranelagh.

McCurry is an American-born photographer perhaps most famous for photo-documentaries of his travels in magazines like National Geographic.

Now, being a huge fan of all things Asian - and prompted by my good friend John - i decided to venture into Temple Bar and see this exhibition for myself.
And my God it is just fantastic!!!
The colour, the clarity and the sheer size of the larger photographs is simply breathtaking.
Here's just a taster...

I also came across some very interesting clips on YouTube of McCurry speaking about his work:

This spectacular exhibition runs for another month. Tell everyone... But enjoy it alone.

Then - when you're intellectually and spiritually nourished - take the Luas south to Ranelagh and enjoy the short stroll to Michie Sushi.
There is a very easy-to-follow map on their website .

The walk takes you through the heart of this old 'village' suburb which is now practically in the city centre of this sprawling yawn-opolis.
After a few minutes you take a left into Chelmsford Lane. You won't believe your eyes but walk on up this laneway filled with parking garages and buildings that could only aspire to call themselves muses... walk along along past all the illegally parked cars and vans right to the end where [on your right] you will see number 11. It will probably look closed. It may even be totally empty.
But fear not, little one. You have arrived.

You'll be glad you are alone because you won't feel like chatting much. The interior is Zen meets Formica, basic chairs, no fuss menus, a Japanese girl in traditional dress politely goes through the fare with you and takes your order.
Service is 6 Star impeccable. Everything is authentic beyond fault and is cooked fresh from scratch once you've ordered it.
Produce bought early morning in local markets mixed with imported Japanese ingredients combine in a mini feast that seduces the eye and tastes so good and so fresh you may as well just weep and savour every mouthful. Who needs all that oul' guff and chatting when bliss is laid before you.
The day I went, I had a magnificent Bento Box accompanied by the best green tea, miso soup and steamed Japanese rice and - I couldn't resist it - an extra platter of assorted sushi.

No photos could do it justice so I won't bother.
Suffice it to say you would be well advised to fully clean and enliven your jaded eyes with lashings of cold water followed by that new Optrex spray jet thingy.
You'll be using those big beauties more than ever before to breath in, soak up, ravage, and devour the food long before you even take a single bite.

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