Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Announcing Big Buddha Day [Dublin: TUESDAY MAY 17 2011, 630pm - 730pm Bandstand, St Stephen's Green.

Dear Friends,

This is me launching my latest Dharma-Project: BIG BUDDHA DAY

PLEASE HELP ME promote the idea in principle and this event in particular and join in my aspiration prayer that Big Buddha Day grows and spreads worldwide for the benefit of all beings!

Announcing Big Buddha Day Dublin: TUESDAY MAY 17 2011, 630pm - 730pm

Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to join us and celebrate the first ever Big Buddha Day!

Often referred to as Wesak or Vesak, Big Buddha Day falls on the first Full Moon day in May and is the most important occasion in the Buddhist calendar internationally. 
On this special day we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha.

This year the May full moon rises on Tuesday May 17th. 

Therefore, we are delighted to launch the first Big Buddha Day event here in Dublin, Ireland, and sincerely hope the idea grows and spreads.

Whether there are 10 people [or 10,000!] we will meet and sit together at the BANDSTAND in Saint Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. 

We will sit in meditation on the grass there, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and trees, for one hour from 630pm to 730pm.

There will be no speeches or ritual of any kind on this occasion.
BIG BUDDHA DAY is a non-denominational event and will be totally inclusive. Therefore it is not happening in a place associated with any one particular tradition.

We will sit in meditation: Body Still, Speech Silent, Mind at Rest.

We are encouraged to develop the Buddha Mind which is naturally open, content and awake.

Our greatest aspiration will be to awaken within us infinite Peace, Compassion and Wisdom and to share that with all beings.

So please spread the word far and wide. But, most importantly, come and join us yourself!

Be prepared for all weathers and remember to bring a meditation cushion to sit on.

If you feel inspired - and are able to - you may wish to make your final approach to the grassy area beside the Bandstand by practising Mindful Walking Meditation to the spot where you would like to sit.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support.

Love and Light,
your little brother, Bruno

PS Here is a jpg of our simple poster if you want help promote Big Buddha Day Dublin
And don't forget, if you organise your own BBD event wherever you are, let me know and i can list on our main webpage too


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  1. Wonderful. I have always been a great admirer of the Buddha but had thought that people of Europe have only limited acquaintance with his teachings. It is good to know that Vesak is being celebrated in places like Dublin.

    Kalyani Kurup