Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In a world gone mad...

In Ireland, we were shamefully yet quietly over-the-moon to hear of global warming as our weather here is generally miserable and we were all looking forward to a few more sunny days. 
But - alas - it hasn't worked out that way. 
So here we are... almost mid August, and we're looking out the big window at the cold wind and the rain [again]. 
On television, meanwhile, Sky News has looped video footage of the massive riots in Britain and all the fires and looting that goes with it. [I'm sure many Irish people are secretly regretting the sorry fact that we didn't do the same when our corrupt government and the evil bankers destroyed our lives and ruined all our futures].

But HEY ... musn't grumble, right?

A 'Carry On' movie has just started on the other channel. It is called Carry on REGARDLESS!

I've just had some toasted Irish Pride sliced pan with Flora Buttery melting all over it as a healthy option. Oh, and a mug of delicious Barry's tea...
In a world gone mad, today i offer you some pictures from our courtyard garden. 

Thanks to the gorgeous M for growing these beautiful 'summer' roses. I just managed to photograph them on my phone before they blow away! 

Thanks M... Love you!

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