Monday, September 5, 2011

A Self-fulfilling Prophecy?

When i was a child, i thought as a child...
I thought everyone was good, and summer would last forever.

But now i am a man, i am learning gradually the true nature of things...
I realise that everything changes, and practically nothing is as it appears.

As i was growing up, my Dad regaled me with crazy stories of our famous ancestor Gypsy Lee.

Not to be confused with Gypsy Rose Lee [the American Stripper], Urania Lee [1852 - 1933] was known as the last Queen of the Romany gypsies in Europe. She was a fiesty old bird who surveyed the countryside from the farm in Kent in England where she lived for most of her adult life.

But Gypsy Lee was more than all that, even.
Renowned for her alleged ability to foretell the future, she made her way into the houses of London's rich and famous as an entertaining after-dinner guest. She even became the favourite of the British royal family who, it is documented, hosted her for many an evening of beguiling superstitious nonsense.

Urania was perhaps most well-known for two amazing prophecies. And they both lead me to wonder, this strangely wintery autumn day, to what extent can prophecies be self-fulilling?

For example, i know i could never win the national lottery simply by intending to. But could i get a job... go live in a foreign country... or even find lasting happiness, simply by announcing and setting my mind to it?

Gypsy Lee's incredible duo of fortune-telling bulls eyes are as follows:

1. Some 50 years before the event itself, Urania told everyone the precise date and time of her own death. Of course, this transpired to the minute. She died in her own bed of old age and a touch of a cold. She was mourned at her funeral by 15,000 people from all walks of life.

2. While he was still a very young man - just out for a night of fine dining and high society partying - the then Prince of Wales [the future King of England, Edward the 8th., 1894 - 1972] was told in front of a full room of incredulous witnesses that he would fall in love with the wrong woman and that their relationship would cause him to abdicate the crown for her. Of course this is exactly what happened after his scandalous relationship with American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, came to light.
But - the prophecy continued - it would be a mistake as the relationship would not be as it appeared, and would unfortunately not last that long.


Of course the relationship between Edward and Mrs Simpson came to be feted as one of the world's greatest love stories. Their romance was regarded as an epic tale, a veritable triumph, of love conquering all.

But, as the latest and truly most wonderful Channel 4 documentary on the subject reveals, Queen Urania Lee was right all along! She hadn't, afterall, gotten the end of the prophecy wrong. Far from it!
Good old Gypsy Lee either had a true premonition of what was to come. Or else her prophecy functioned such that it actually influenced and brought about the event itself.
In a so-called golden age, which was considered to have pre-dated the vile 'modern' era of paparazzi and spin-doctors, it turns out the world's public and even the media themselves had been misled entirely in order to save face.
The sad facts of the matter now appear something like this-

Edward and Mrs Simpson lived together in Paris for all those years after his abdication pretending to be great lovers.
Their relationship was a one-sided sham. He loved her alright but she didn't love him.
Wallis Simpson was always in love with the man she had divorced for the Prince of Wales and they had all known it.
But a certain facade had to be maintained and projected in order to protect whatever vestige of integrity Edward still clung to... people were not to be allowed know that he had, in fact, given up everything for nothing... until now, that is.

If you would like to enjoy this incredibly insightful but sad documentary, and have access to it in your region, please click the link HERE

But, in conclusion, to return to the topic of self-fulfilling prophecies...

My mind wanders back to myself as a hormonal teenager, supposedly studying in the local library for my state exams.
I was admiring from afar another young man - a bit older than me - and thinking he must surely be straight, i lamented the fact that someone like me [completely out gay, and hardly a great beauty] could never be with someone like this Greek god.
But, i did prophecy - at least in my own mind - that he would be exactly the kind of man i would settle down with.
Later that same year, as if by some miracle, we actually met each other face to face and slowly fell in love.

The first time i spoke to the Gorgeous M somehow i just knew we would end up together for life.

And next month, after 28 years of us being together ... after all the ups and downs ... all the living and laughing together ... and even some wonderful relationships and passing encounters with other people along the way too ... almost three decades and two landmark law changes later, myself and the incredibly patient and wise Gorgeous M will be married!

No too much fuss or carry on.
A quiet moment in the Registrar's office.
A pint with friends.
One of our little part of the world's unsung yet perhaps greatest love stories of all time.
Just a real case of true love conquering all.
A testament to the enduring power of vision and intention ... to self-fulfilling prophecy.  

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