Saturday, October 29, 2011

REJOICE! ... Sometimes Things Change for the Better - and QUICKLY!

After 28 years, finally married the gorgeous M [Oct 20, 2011]

 Signed the civil register at Naas with our two witnesses and a small group of family. So strange after all these years to be doing something so formal, but it was really wonderful... and surprisingly very emotional.

We invited our merry little band to lunch back in Dublin, where we spent the entire afternoon eating well, in good company, at the fine upstairs dining room in Fallon and Byrne.

Then we opened the top buttons of our shirts [and loosened our belts too] having retreated to The Long Hall Bar on George's Street for loads of pints of Guinness and a few cheeky Zambuccas!

Later that same evening... the photo of the day ! [thanks Maxine]

 The following night was Party Time with lots and lots of friends and family at PantiBar on Capel Street.
Thanks to Alf for playing THE greatest music, to our good friends for sharing the finest party food and a whole shipment of Mother-of-the-Bride HATS, and to all who came along to share our enormous joy at being together 28 years, being able to legally marry, and looking forward to a wonderful future!
With family we see regularly, and those not seen for years, with friends who longed for such an occasion to simply let their hair down and boogie the night away, and those who quietly just wanted to celebrate a great love story, we were both enveloped by your love and cherishing kindness. 

The next day [Saturday 22nd] we flew to Thailand for our honeymoon and to begin our new life together living half the year in South East Asia and half in Ireland.

But, most importnantly, we were going to Bangkok [BKK] so the beautiful M could finally have sight-saving eye surgery in both his  eyes.

We were just about to rent a nice condo there, and have the first eye done when the surgeon dropped a bombshell... such was the potential risk of infection, all the hospitals in BKK were about to close for two weeks til the flood waters had come and gone!
She could see how crest-fallen we both were and immediately contacted her colleague in Phuket's finest private hospital.

The next morning we abandoned all our previous plans [the Buddha said 'Things change' - and man, do they EVER!] and flew down to the island paradise, had M's eyes checked yet again by another expert, and re-scheduled surgery.

Thanks to the truly great miracle of modern surgery, and the steady hands of Dr Khemawan of Bangkok Hospital Phuket, a man rapidly approaching blindness - the love of my life - can now see!

The first eye was done yesterday. The bandages came off today. 
Crystal clear vision, long forgotten, now restored!

Rejoicing in a true miracle of science, and fully cognisant of the difficult nature of the half-hour surgery under minimal local anaesthetic, M actually can't wait to go through it all again on Monday for the second eye !

We both pray, from the bottom of our love-drenched hearts, that a deluge of healing flows across the face of the entire world and that all its now 7 Billion human inhabitants - and all beings everywhere - enjoy clear vision!

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  1. congratulations to you both, i am delighted for you. lcx