Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Update from Bangkok

Now that M has had his second eye done, with great success, we are back in Bangkok [BKK] to put down some temporary roots.

moved in to our new pad in bkk yesterday and had a blow out drop in party in it from 7pm til about 5am

the place is on Rama 4 Road, and is called Lumpini Park View
it is a nice big one bed condo [shared pool and gym etc] on the 28th floor with a long balcony and a fab view over the whole city and winding river below.
the other side of the building overlooks Lumpini Park [the lungs of the city]

the rent is 25,000 baht a month [about 600 euro]
but when you work it out that is LESS than staying in the Malaysia for a month
we are already interested in keeping it on all year round and sub-letting to anyone coming over who wants it

we will send/post pics once we get more settled

now the hunt for work begins in earnest
michael is going back on saturday and will work his notice out in school before coming back over at xmas
i will really miss him til he gets back and will have to resist the impulse to stay in and write all day without making any money

looks like the floods on the outskirts are slowly draining off
no water in the centre
the only prob is all the factories that supply almost EVERYTHING are under water [so are the routes that trucks would normally use to supply goods]
as a consequence, the shelves are bare in the shops and the most worrying thing for me has
been trying to find drinking water to buy
hope things are more normal soon

please pass on our love to everyone who knows us

big hugs,


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