Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Beginnings...

Nature teaches us every Spring just how the world is... but we seem to forget somehow, and renewal and fresh starts always appear to come as a surprise.

The first day of Spring in Ireland is a memory for me personally as I am in Asia this year and I am not there to witness the transformation for myself.
I am told the Irish winter was unexpectedly milder this year and Spring flowers are now poking their heads above soil level earlier and stronger than expected, and in great numbers... another wonderful teaching from Mother Nature...

THINGS CHANGE is the teaching we are constantly receiving from the universe but we don't believe it. We build up our own personal expectations of what is probably going to happen and then we are disappointed/surprised when time after time we are wrong... 
Learning to live with Change and Uncertainty, and [on the up side] Limitless New Possibilities - this IS the meaning of life. It IS the great lesson we are here to learn and embrace to the full.

THINGS CHANGE... but how we respond is the key.

There is always the possibility of a New Beginning if we have the right frame of mind. We can respond to all of life's circumstances, good and bad, with spacious dignity, and in our own time. This is how the world is. Timely and Natural.

As well as the start of Spring, on February 1st i always think of my mother who passed away in 1987. I recall how i fell apart but also how she gave and continues to give me much more than her physical body being here could achieve. Death is transformed into Wisdom and Compassion.

Whenever i think of Mammy, i think of Daddy by comparison. Like most of his children, I feared and hated him for so many years. But when he developed Alzheimer's he changed beyond all recognition. The more i found myself able to be around him and even care for him, the more  and more lovable he became. It was a real eye opener, and an even bigger heart opener. The one person who could have ruined my life turned out to be one of the major forces that turned it around.

As i sit here on the 28th Floor, looking out over Bangkok's Chao Phraya River winding its way over the horizon, my mind turns to Irish Spring Bulbs. My mind turns to frosty mornings melting into soft Spring.

Learning to respond with 'spacious dignity' seems the only sane path to follow in life. When change comes - whether wanted or unwanted - we must accept and let go. Any other path leads to suffering and madness.

FACEBOOK teaches us so much too.
At least we can learn to examine what it all means... what IS a 'friend' anyway?
Childhood friends naturally drift apart. That's OK. Some drift back together again. That's great too.

A family drifts apart - maybe for no real reason other than laziness. That's always shocking and disappointing. But it is also natural in a way too.
25 years pass by in the blink of an eye. 
Then, even though you knew each other's home addresses and phone numbers at one time, something as vacuous and yet as miraculous as FaceBook pushes you in the same direction again after all that time.

Maybe someone who considers YOU their worst enemy starts appearing in the corner of your computer screen... Do you know this person? You have 27 mutual friends...
You have to wonder, How long will it be before we eventually contact each other? Are there some bridges that can not be mended?

The Buddha teaches that absolutely EVERYTHING is open to change. Impermanence and Change is the true nature of all phenomena. 

Therefore, i am drawn back to the Present Moment with all its vast array of possibility. The past is gone. The future has not yet happened. There IS only Here and Now.

I imagine all the change i would like to happen in my life and in the world...

The Buddha says:

We ARE what we think...

All that we are arises with our thoughts...

With our thoughts we make the world...

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