Friday, March 9, 2012

When you know better... you do better

Calligraphy by my master Sogyal Rinpoche

Looking around at the world and how so many people behave, you could get depressed or just give up on the human race. 

But when you think about all the stupid and bad things you have done in your own life, you know that [just like you did] all people change and become better when they know better. We all have a good heart, from the beginning, as our true nature.

As individuals, we are just starting a long journey of waking up and being better people.
As a species, we are not that far from cavemen when you think about it. It is still early days.

We are slowly waking up, thanks to the Wisdom of Awareness that is gradually stretching and yawning deep inside each of us.

So, today, on the eve of the now annual Tibetan Uprising Memorial Day [March 10] and another probable Chinese massacre of the Tibetan people - that will have to go largely unreported due to the media blackout there - i MUST resolve to become more and more aware of the bigger picture...

The absence of Awareness Wisdom that leads one group to commit genocide against another is the same absence of awareness that has led each of us to commit negative acts in our own lives.

The ONLY solution is to do what we can... and move on...

Therefore, we stand up for justice and peace wherever we feel brave enough to do so.
And, in our own lives, we ask for forgiveness whenever possible. But, equally importantly, we FORGIVE OURSELVES for all our former ignorance and harmful actions... and then we MOVE ON.

Progress is not achieved unless and until we gather forward momentum and keep moving in the right direction.

When we know better, we do better.

The Wisdom of Awareness is the ground, path and fruition of all things good. 

[Many many thanks to my cousin Doreen for sharing these photos of me as a young child. Until today, I didn't have any photos of my younger self. And I hadn't even seen any for over 20 years!
The first one is at my brother Jimmy's wedding. Number 2 is outside the caravan Daddy built for Mammy. And the third is on holidays in England. These photos are cropped and re-touched for clarity. I have re-posted the uncropped originals on FaceBook]

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