Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday?! ... HAPPY THAI NEW YEAR!

WOW! ...... O.. My.... BUDDHA... !!! 
Who told all these crazy people today is my birthday?!! ... Just kidding - it's also Thai New Year! Happy New Year... Sawatdi Pi Mai !! 
Thanks to all our friends and family for your kind Birthday wishes [Michael's birthday is tomorrow]... so we are bringing everyone out to dinner tonight and start celebrating M's b'day after midnight with a bit of a party [somewhere dry i hope... my Prada top can only take SO MUCH super-saturation, darling]
Just look at them... over 10,000 people [and that's just on our street!!] ... I can hear Handel's HALLELUIA Chorus rising in the back of my mind [it was first performed on this day, in Dublin] and i am also more than curious to know what Samuel Beckett [also born today] would have made of it all ... 
Talk about Waiting for Godot... Thai New Year water fights go on for at least 72 hours! ... More like Waiting for 'Stoppo, Or I'll Hit Yiz Over the Head with a Massive Blunt Object-o '.   

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