Monday, July 30, 2012


It has been a long time since i blogged here...

Partly due to the sucking vortex that is FaceBook and partly due to life circumstances, the best word to describe what i am doing at the moment is drifting...

When i look at these beautiful photos by Zsolt Sütó, i begin to understand why drifting is not the big problem it first appears to be.
In fact, drifting is more like the natural state of things.

We imagine phenomena are fixed and enduring. So we grasp onto them thinking they are something they are not. 
We are therefore the very cause of our own suffering when change occurs and phenomena return to their old drifting ways.

In the last few months, we have moved home temporarily from one side of the world to the other, with all that that entails.
We have drifted from one social setting to another, from one set of [in]activities to another. And then my husband's younger brother passed away unexpectedly.

Yet, wherever we roam the mind comes along with us...

If we are full of attachment and aversion, that also manifests regardless of where we are.
If we are ignorant and deluded as to the true nature of both ourselves and all phenomena, then darkness envelopes us like a shroud.

The more we grasp or push away, the more deluded we become. Our near and dear ones suffer and pass away. Financial chaos abounds. Meaningful employment may evade us.

Yet the more we accept phenomena as they are, and let go... the easier the whole thing seems to get.

We come to realise drifting for what it is. 
It becomes less like waiting or struggling, and more like breathing and surfing.

We don't have to control the entire ocean, just learn how to understand and use its power.

If change and impermanence really are the true nature of all, then drifting is actually quite a wise response to the universe.

Rather than feeling lost, I feel found.  
Thanks to drifting I am actually more in tune with things than I realised.

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