Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Samsara, the movie

This has to be THE Movie of the Year!

'Samsara' is a Buddhist term meaning the opposite to 'Nirvana', just as Mental Suffering is the opposite to Bliss... The teaching of the Buddha is: transform the mind such that Samsara becomes Nirvana, then we must transcend BOTH Nirvana AND Samsara altogether[!]. The Ultimate state of being a buddha is to 'go completely beyond' all phenomena to the point where one has become so grounded, so open, that neither hell nor heaven can knock u
s off course.

This indescribable movie, takes the old film-making adage 'Show me, don't tell me' to The EXTREME...

The images [and wonderful soundtrack] take you on a journey without any words or commentary whatsoever. This journey stylistically portrays the world with all its natural beauty and resources - its simple, content people and its neurotic, suffering people -

The whole juxtaposition begs the inevitable question: Why the EFF are we all living this way??!!!

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