Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Divine David Hoyle

If you have no interest in exploring the Buddha Nature/ Soul that lies beneath the surface of what appears to be a mentally disturbed, tortured artist, STOP READING NOW, and get back to your day.

For those who don't remember 'The Divine David' [aka David Hoyle] on late night Channel 4 in the 80s, check him out online and see what outrageous joy tastes like when mixed with a litre of catastrophic cataclysm... but BE WARNED, this is not drag with a twist of venom. 

David pushes beyond most limits of public decency and good taste. It can be uncomfortable and shocking performance art - but never without a real point behind it.

Then imagine the human being that lies beneath all the genius and the mayhem... Now, enjoy this INCREDIBLY honest and loving tv interview... It speaks volumes about all of us.

Click HERE to watch the interview


I love you David,


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