Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eckhart Tolle speaks in detail about his Awakening

Thanks to a brief conversation with David, one of our house-mates, I began thinking again of Eckhart Tolle.

For a long time now I have yearned to hear Eckhart Tolle speak at length about how he became Awakened, how it feels, what goes through his head, how his life unfolds from moment to moment...

Here it is... enjoy!

Sounds so familiar. It could so easily have sprung from the inner mind of so many Jewish Kaballah or Christian mystics, or a Muslim Sufi poet. 

To me it sounds most like Hindu Advaita and of course the teachings of the Buddha; for those who have already been blessed enough to hear a fraction of its limitless bounty, it sounds like pure Dzogchen. Mahamudra. Zen.
For those who have never heard anything like it before, fear not, be at peace. As so many Irish Mammies have said, 'If it is for you, it won't pass you by'.

... It is the sound of the Outer Teacher speaking to your Inner Teacher.

It is the Truth.
No more, no less.
Pure and Simple.

May All Beings Wake Up.


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